To The Maxi

This maxi skirt is the perfect thing to throw on for any occasion. The soft jersey drapes beautifully when you walk, and gives me a weird desire for a wind machine to just follow me everywhere. But thats what fashion is all about, the way clothes fit and drape on the body, the way they flow and move. We're all involved in fashion even if its not intentional. Fashion is a point of view, seen differently by all of us. It's the way we live our lives and involves everything we do, from what we wear, what we do, what we eat, what music we listen too, we're a part of the fashion of now. As much as we all avoid it, fashion is always there and it has it's significance to all of us, each in its own way. Choosing the outfit that we're going to wear all day no matter how "stylish" or "fashionable" you are will always be a crucial part of the day. Anyway, just a little bit or sartorial nonsense for you all. Going back to London tomorrow to celebrate my besties birthday, very excited indeed!

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