Sexy Sweaters

Why oh why do I just end up on social media sites when I go into the library? I go in with complete and strong intentions to get seriously stuck into some work, and I just end up pinning and posting the day away. Hours pass by the time I realise that I actually do need to finish this assignment for tomorrow. After this post I will get back to work - promise. 

Anyway, I stumbled upon this great tumblr called Sexy Sweaters. I've seen some of their work before on Pinterest and Twitter, and have always admired the way that they managed to transfer their great sense of humour and witty character into their super on trend graphic sweater designs. 

Here are some of my favourites from their site.

Until a couple of weeks ago, these sweaters could only be admired as online masterpieces in the big  ol'blogosphere, but they have now made them available for you to buy on their (French) sister site jennyfer. They work on a sort of 'get ready to run through those doors as soon as the sale starts on boxing day' sort of basis, and the best way to find out when they're available to buy, is to sign up for email updates (click here) and like them on Facebook (click here). 

They're sadly currently sold out in all their glorious styles but as soon as they're back stock in I will be at the front of the line stocking up on some real winners. At $39.99 you really can't go wrong!

Which are your favourites?


  1. Thanks for posting about us, Georgia. And the good news is that Sexy Sweaters is working on an e-commerce site right NOW where we will eventually sell more designs to global customers and even start selling limited edition designer collaborations. You TOTES heard it here first. Love from @Sexy_Sweaters x

    1. Amazing news, cannot wait for that! Keep up the amazing work! Love you guys x

  2. Check this out!Jennifer sweaters are nothing!!


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