Ombré Tassel

What I'm Wearing: Topman Super Low Tank, Topshop Tasselled Shorts, Kurt Geiger Siberian Lilly Heels & Vintage Cuff.

Tassels are just so much fun. As soon as I put them on I just want to twirl, swirl and leap around. These shorts are absolutely perfect and fill my tasselled frivolous needs perfectly. Despite it being absolutely freezing outside, I cannot wait to wear this outfit out all in the name of fashion right?. Shorts are certainly not just for summer, and I just need to shake and shimmy the night away in these little numbers. Cannot wait to get all fancy-dressed up tonight, I absolutely love Halloween!

Happy Halloween


Daddy's Birthday Weekend

This weekend I popped home to celebrate my lovely Daddy's birthday. 
Seeing as he is a huge Bond fan, what better to do then go see the new James Bond movie Skyfall. I don't want to ruin it for you if you haven't gone to see it yet, but it is absolute amazing! 
Hands down the best bond movie so far, and Daniel Craig just looks so ridiculously handsome in it , more so than any previous movie. I know! As if thats actually possible?!
But enough about that.

Mummy made the most amazing Starbucks cake surrounded by little expresso mugs full of chocolate mousse, it was an absolute creation.

Birthday breakfast was out of this world!
Daddy's new favourite kitchen toy is his paella pan from The Paella Company. 
Despite being used a little unconventionally, we managed to cook enough food in it to feed an army.

And yes, we have already brought out the Christmas crockery. Well only 55 days to go now, so why not?!

Following our mammoth feast, we headed off to Henley for a walk in the country. 
Home to the annual Henley regatta, it is such a beautiful place with the iconic River Thames running through the centre and gorgeous little shops and restaurants dotted throughout the little village.  

Have you ever crossed through a field of cows?
Probably not. 
You always think that cows are sweet friendly animals that sit down/stand up depending if its raining or not, but crossing though a field full of them is absoluely terrifying. They absolutely stared us out as we passed though, giving me the impression as though they were about to charge at any given moment.
Thankfully we made it though alive and managed to carry on with our rambling. 

You're never too old for a bit of tree climbing. Jesse and Rach absolutely ran for it when they saw this little beauty. 

Albeit not the most practical of outfits for a big walk in the country, my little sister Rach looked absolute lovely in her "urban"-bumpkin ensemble. 

Yes its real! 
We stopped off at the Flowerpot Pub on the way round for a couple of drinkypoos and look what was hiding away in the garden! 
I would not like to be the one to hollow that thing out!

Me, Jesse, Rach & Harry posing for our little family portrait.

What I'm Wearing: Abercrombie Coat, Cardi & Jeans.
What Jesse's wearing: River Island Coat, Zara Scarf, Jumper & Leggings.

We were all absolutely starving after our 6 mile walk and Daddy wanted to go to his new favourite burger joint, Byron. Since 2007, the single London branch has now grown to have restaurants all over the country serving beautifully fresh and handmade Scottish beef burgers with a typical American style menu. 
You can't go wrong. 
Burger, milkshake & fries. 
All made to order with whatever topping you may so desire.
I think we ordered absolutely everything off the menu (I'm not joking!)

Strawberry milkshake to die for! I was sad that they didn't have my favourite Banana, but this strawberry one even had chunks of strawberry amongst its think luscious deliciousness.

I opted for the skinny burger (aka no bun) with avocado, bacon and blue cheese. Basically cobb salad plus burger. 
Finger-licking good!

Courgette fries to kill for!

Iceberg wedge with blue cheese sauce, so good!

Daddy's favourite - skin on fries. 

You'd think you can only get a side order of mac & cheese in America but no, Byron have it right here!

We all had a wonderful weekend celebrating Daddy's birthday. So nice for all of us to be in the same place for once. Harry & I both are both back at university studying blogging away and Jesse is off to Washington tomorrow, now that Sandy the Frankenstorm has calmed down. To all my East Coast friends, stay safe! Thinking of you all!


Paisley Pants

What I'm Wearing: Miso Oversized Tee, Topshop Paisley Jeans, Isabel Marant Sneakers, Michael Kors Watch, Topshop Ring & Peridot by Chanel Nail Polish.

I've always been a bit dubious about paisley. Whether or not the print is a bit too oriental or the fact I could look like I'm wearing an old gentleman's handkerchief sported into some sort of piece of clothing. These jeans, however, totally break the rule. The colours are so complementing with one another and slot right into my Autumn wardrobe ever so nicely. I paired them with this huge oversized long sleeve tee from Miso which is so comfortable that it could as well be pyjama's, and the old faithful wedged sneakers, for another full day in the studio. So happy I've finally got my laptop back now, feel whole again and very much looking forward to getting back on my regular blogging routine. 

The fact that it got dark at 4pm today is very upsetting. Long were the days of the summer and now we hit the short daylight hours of winter. Cosy evenings by the fireplace, hot bubble baths and tonnes and tonnes of comfort food, Winter isn't all bad I guess...!?


Oxford University

This past weekend, I went to pick up my brother from Oxford.
As expected, it was full of very intelligent looking people in their specs and chino's carrying books in their baskets on the front of their bikes. I was very out of place. However I did not expect it to be quite as beautiful as it was.
I'm sure my parents took me to Oxford when I was a lot younger, and probably willed me to get the best grades in the class, so I could go to the very best (and the oldest) university in the country. However, as I'm sure they realised from when I was even younger than that trip, that the fashion route was always for me (I even used to sign my birthday cards, 'love from FD' [future designer]). 
But sure enough, I could still enjoy the historical beauty that the icon British university town had to offer. 

Whilst Harry & I strolled round the gorgeous town, I couldn't quite resist exploring inside one of the colleges. St John's College is the wealthiest college within Oxford University as well as one of the largest, and was founded back in 1555 by Sir Thomas White. The multiple courtyards were immaculately kept and stunning in they're quintessentially British  15th century architecture. Part of the colleges design is also the very first example of Italian Renaissance architecture in Oxford.  

What I'm Wearing: Brandy Melville Sweater, Topshop Leigh Jeans, Isabel Marant Sneakers & H&M Necklace.

Couldn't resist in a little outfit post in the Canterbury Quadrange, photo's courtesy of my little bro Harry (didn't he do a good job!?). If you haven't been to the beautiful place that is Oxford, I thoroughly recommend it. Only an hour outside of London, its British Heritage as well as the amazing shops and restaurants are all something that you should not miss out on. Definitely going to visit Harry again soon!