Instagram Catchup

I absolutely love instagram. The one little app that gives you the ability to transform a photo into something that looks ridiculously amazing. I literally cannot get enough, and with over 5oo photo's, well I think that's pretty clear. 
I'm currently struggling massively while my laptop is with the Apple doctors giving it a new motherboard, battery, CD drive, you name it and its being changed. But hopefully when I've got it back it wont sound like a whirring hairdryer ALL THE TIME! I do feel like as though missing my left arm at the moment, yet my iPad and iPhone are doing a pretty good job keeping up with my blogging, browsing and all my pinning needs. 

This is my first big instagram catch up and a little insight to what me and my beloved iPhone get up to.

Daddy's birthday card (he's always dreamt of growing a Poirot like moustache - not looking forward to this years attempt in Movember).

My bestie Roni came round last night for dinner. Putting my chef hat on, I conjured up sesame seared tuna steak and roasted veggies. Absolutely delicious!

A night out to Halo with lovely Emma (Halo is a church turned club in Leeds. We went to a night called Midnight Mass, rather bizarre if you ask me, but we were absolutely loving the old school tunes blasting all night long).

A huge shark (cod) and curly fries for lunch.

My new rings from Topshop. The middle one is my new absolute fav, I've worn it every day since I got it. 
Desperate to find a real gold version. 

Afternoon Tea at Betty's.

Movie night. 
Complete with G&T's, blankets, crisps, oh and Meggy too.

A huuugggeee coffee in my new Cath Kidston mug to get me in the working mode.

Some of my models for my design project.

Loving the Autumn colours.
Always find them so inspiring.

Even caught a lucky fallen leaf in my bag.

And with the autumn leaves, come the Hunter wellies.

View of Leeds from my apartment. 

What seems like endless days spent in the studio working on my toiles.

A night out with my girls to Piccadilly Institute to celebrate Emily's birthday.

My new breakfast obsession. Dippy eggs.
(I really need to learn how to make hollandaise sauce)

Daddy's new favourite gadget.

New hair cut. I wish I could have it done every day like this. 
The absolute height of luxury. 

Mummy & I having a little spree in the new Victoria's Sectret

If you have an iPad, iPhone or any other Instagram worthy device you should go and download it now for endless hours of fun and procrastination. If you want to be friends on Instagram my username is georgiabenj (click here to follow me). 
Going home for the weekend and off to see Skyfall in Leicester Square tomorrow evening, you don't even know how excited I am!

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