Brighton Beach

Today we thought we should take advantage of the 100degree heat and head to the beach. Ive been to a number of different beaches in New York (Rockaway, Long Beach, Coney Island) but today we went back to Brighton Beach, which I’d have to say is one of my favourites. Maybe its because we have a Brighton Beach in England and I feel some sort of deep subconscious pull towards it - who knows?! 

We got there a little after 1pm and it was already swamped! Albeit we managed to find a sizeable plot to lay down and soak up some rays right by the waters edge. 

Manhattan is such an amazing place but its always nice to have a little escape from city life. Brighton Beach feels just like a little holiday town with a cute shopping strip right by the beach front. Fruit stands and tacky beach toys galore. Couldn’t help but visit the ‘Tel Aviv Fruit Market’ to pick something up.

(the rainier cherries made me miss M&S so badly!)

Nothing like the feeling of sand between your toes.

Just a few snaps of the new Victoria's Secrets bikini that my lovely boy bought for me.


Last night we went to New York’s infamous nightclub Lavo.

With a sister club in Las Vegas, Lavo is the place to go. An A-lister crowd, top DJ’s and drinks to go crazy for - what more could you want?

Where do I start...

With their strict “looks” policy it meant that we were surrounded by Manhattan’s most beautiful people.

Eye candy EVERYWHERE, we honestly did not know where to look! It is normal to see lots of pretty girls out on the New York clubbing scene, due to the magical wonders of make-up, hair extensions and Spanx but this many attractive guys?! All on one dance floor? Breathtaking! It was as if Abercrombie moved to The Hamptons and brought back an army of 10’s. 

Magnum bottle's of Dom Pérignon and Belvedere all laced with sparklers were the drinks of choice on our table. Complemented by little dessert nibbles from the Lavo restaurant upstairs. 

“Cupcake? Champange?”  “Why not?!"

Will I be going back? 100% Yes!

A blog.

A blog.

Somewhere to spout all the nonsense about what my crazy life consists of. After a bit of persuasion and nagging from various friends and family members, I have decided to finally give in and start one of my very own.

I’m a fashion design student from London currently living the dream in New York city, where better to start really?

So here it goes.

Food. Fashion. Fun. And a bit of everything!

Let the fun times roll...