Chocolate Christmas Pud

Christmas is just such a wonderful time of year. Christmas presents, Christmas trees and just so much Christmas food. It really is the one time of year that you can eat and eat and boast about all the obscene amounts of fantastic food you've eaten with absolutely no judgement. 

I absolutely adore Christmas pudding and I can never understand why people don't like it. Daddy and I are the only ones in the family who eat it, so we act like actual pigs on Christmas day and normally devour the whole thing between the two of us. 

For all you anti Christmas pudders out there who prefer a chocolate roulade or a handful of satsuma's, this chocolate Christmas pud is the thing for you. A perfect alternative to the traditional Christmas pud but just the answer to all those chocolate lovers out there too.

Here's what you need;

200g box of Rice Crispies
500g Maltesers
250g Butter
300g Dark/Milk Chocolate
200g White Chocolate
Squeeze of golden syrup
Large tablespoon of cocoa powder
2 Large tablespoons of icing sugar

Melt the butter completely and add the cocoa powder.

Stir in the icing sugar and add a generous squeeze of golden syrup.

Stir it all up until it goes beautifully smooth.

Pour in the rice crispies.

Stir it all up so the rice crispies are coated.

Next job is to find your best Christmas pudding shaped bowl, and cover it with a lining of cling film.

Pour all of the mixture into the bowl making sure it is nice and compact in the bowl.
Put into the fridge to cool for about 10 minutes.

It should come out looking like this.

Next stop is to melt the chocolate for the topping. You can do this in the microwave but its hard to not burn the chocolate that way. I prefer to use a bain-marie.

Once the chocolate has melted add another squeeze of golden syrup.
Now for the fun bit.

Starting at the top, cover you rice crispie cake in the chocolate mixture so that you can stick all the malteasers on. Work in a spiral motion from the centre for the best effect as it needs to be completed covered for the best result.

To decorate your cake. Melt the white chocolate and drizzle it onto the centre of the cake to look like icing.

You can even add some holly decoration if you're feeling creative.

Just look at that. 
A Christmas pudding for all you chocolate lovers out there.
Serve it up with a dollop of cream or a big scoop or ice cream.

Go on have a slice!

Only a week till Christmas, getting excited!


  1. omg that looks so delicious! amazing baking skills <3

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  2. OMG G! My dear! This looks so delicious! I want one for my household!!! :)
    Or maybe you can send me one haha!

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  3. Looks delicious!! You´re a great chef ^^


  4. Looks so yummy; I have never even heard of this before! xx

  5. OMGG this maltsers pudding is too good to be true! I seriously never had anything like this before!
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  6. OMG!!!! It looks delicious!!!!

  7. omg this looks beyond delicious! omg such a great recipe :) thanks for stoppin by my blog! now following u on gfc and bloglovin..would love for u to follow back :)

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  8. OMG, heavenly! i cant stop staring at the chocolates!
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  9. wow, it seems to be super nice, i like this kind of puds!


  10. OMG, this look so delicious :)
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  11. OMG amazing!!! Pure talent. Thanks for stopping by.

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  13. The cake looks sinfully yummy! And yup let's follow each other!

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  14. This looks divine!! If I make it and end up eating the entire cake all myself, I'm blaming you for the rapid weight gain:) Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm now following you by e-mail & on twitter!!

  15. Oh my god, this looks so insanely good. You made my day and I´ll definitely try this recipe out. Thanks for your comment and I´m following you on bloglovin´. Your blog is great thanks for letting me spot it!


  16. Wow, this looks absolutely amazing! Good for you for making it!

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  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog! This looks delicious, I think I might have to bookmark the post and give your recipe a try! x

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  22. oooooh this is soooo yummmyyyyy ^^ I want this!

  23. OMG OMG OMG OMG GEORGIA your blog is incredible im in shock. CAKE was out of this world. Tasted so good last night after i put it in the oven for a bit haha! I admire you in every way xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. This looks amazing! Im so totally making it :D

  25. What a wonderful way to die
    A true chocolate fix


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