An Actual ASOS Store, SAY WHAT?!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. News just in! Our favourite online high street retailer, ASOS, are opening a retail store. That's right, an actual bricks-and-mortar store that you can physically walk into rather than clicking away from behind your computer screen.

I know, I too was a little shocked that this online emporium which has hundreds of new styles hitting the site each week could actually have a store big enough to house all the different styles. But that's just it. ASOS chooses selected styles, the creme de la creme of their collections to make this store the place of all fashion lovers dreams.

Sadly for my fellow Londoner's it is an 8hr flight to visit this store, but for you all you lucky New Yorkers, ASOS has decided to cross the pond, and set up shop at 142 Greene Street in Soho.

It's pretty much the only thing that could make ASOS even better. Just think, all those hours spent online shopping, and waiting in for your delivery, and now you can actually step foot inside the store. 

Why oh why did I ever leave that glorious city!


  1. Wow! Good news for ASOS fans, Georgia! And this means the business is growing! Hooray! We'll have more beautiful clothing! :)

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  2. OMG I could not be more excited about this! I will be there on the first day! So happy it's in ny but sorry you can't go! xx


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