Christmas in Cornwall: Day Two

First full day in Cornwall and a huge day of walking an exploring ahead of us. After getting suited and booted and eating copious slices of pâté on toast we were all ready to set off on the coastal path to Mousehole.

So when you hear "coastal path", you would assume a nice smooth track suitable for all the oldies who love a good ramble, but this was on a whole new level. For most of the way if we were to step slightly too far to the right we would end up 50meters down in the ferocious waters below. 
So with the adrenaline pumping, with the knowledge that we could be near to death at the next strong wind, we marched on trying not to look down.

Thankfully the Hunter Boots came to my aid in all the rather deep puddles along the treacherous route.

So on these crazy walks, we are kind of open for anything. Blistering winds, torrential rain, but when some fellow walkers warned us of the 'babbling brook' ahead, it was certainly not a full on waterfall that we were expecting. 
We were told that this "brook" was "passable". 
Passable my ass. This was a joke. Each rock more slippery than the next, with the fear that you could be head over heels and zooming down to the sea with the next wrong footing. But after some moaning and cautious footing we all made it across absolutely soaking dry as a bone. 

Our walks are certainly not any form of fashion show. I'm wearing Jack Wills hat & men's gillet, vintage sweater, Zara leggings, Hunter metallic boots & fleece welly socks (boots on sale over on Net-a-Porter click here get over there fast). 

Jesse and Rachael managed to take half of Cornwall with them on their boots. 

Finally made it to Mousehole and we couldn't resist stopping at Pam's Pantry for a good ol'Cornish Cream Tea. Whilst in Cornwall, I take every single opportunity I can to have a cream tea. Scones are seriously the way to my heart and I can never ever have enough clotted cream, like ever (you might already know this if you've read my Betty's Tea Room post - click here).

Full to the brim with scones and tea, we set foot back on the road and headed back to our little Lamorna Cove to get all dolled up and ready for dinner.

The Turk's Head in Penzance was our choice for the evening, and being one of the oldest pubs in the whole of Cornwall, with an underground tunnel leading from the pub straight out to the harbour which pirates used to smuggle their bounty, we couldn't wait to check it out. 
Who doesnt want to eat in the same place that smugglers and pirates once used some 750 years ago?
Ahoy matey!

Moules Mariner
Breadcrumbed garlic mushrooms
Grilled tiger prawns in a chilli butter
6oz Steak Burger
10oz Rump Steak

Trio of  fish in a mussel & tiger prawn sauce

The food was fantastic and with a brilliant warm ambiance throughout the whole pub. The very few people that seem to be in Cornwall, well, all seemed to be in the pub. Whether eating, drinking or just there for the festive tunes, the whole pub was alive. If you're ever planning a trim down to Penzance then be sure to check out The Turks Head to fulfil all your Pirate dreams.


  1. Cool trusty boots and lotsa good food and fun! Really cool! :)
    Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

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  2. Lovely shots! Glad you all made it across those rocks safely! xx


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