Christmas in Cornwall: Day Five

Sadly the weather lived up to its horrific forecast of showers and rain today, so we escaped to the beach to take advantage of the rare few moments when the heavens weren't open. 

Sennen beach is the most westerly beach in the whole of Cornwall with a gorgeous stretch of white sand across the bay. 

We all decided to taunt Harry with the Boxing Day tradition of running into the sea... naked. We were all wrapped up with thousands of layers seeing as the temperature was little over freezing, but Harry can never turn down a dare. Before we knew it, he was stripping off and water bound.

The water was colder than the outside air so apparently "it wasn't that bad", pfff lies!

Seeing as it was Boxing Day, most restaurants in St Ives were closed. We ended up eating at this little beach style restaurant right on the water front with a huge clay oven heating up the whole place. On Shore is a cute restaurant serving all things Cornish as well as a a fantastic list of stone baked Pizza's.

Pesto Flatbread
Seafood Linguinie

Seafood Risotto
Smoked Haddock Fishcake
Seafood Mayonnaise
Eton Mess
Chocolate Brownie
Sticky Toffee Pudding
After dinner we went for a stroll though all the cute little streets of St Ives. 
The whole place was lined with cobbles, stiletto nightmare!
The perfect setting for a little outfit post.

What I'm Wearing: ASOS Mongolian Fur Gillet, H&M Chiffon Shirt, Zara Trousers, New Look Necklace & Kurt Geiger London Calling Sneakers.

I couldn't wait to show off some of my new Christmas presents. Jesse bought me these gloves which I absolutely adore. Can you just imagine these with my Versace for H&M  jacket (click here), stud heaven! 

Another glorious day with my lovely family, I just love Cornwall at Christmas.


  1. That is a shame about the rain! It looks like you managed to make the most of it though. These pictures are wonderful.

  2. Great photos, that food looks amazing and I can not believe he went in the water!

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