Christmas in Cornwall: Day Seven & Eight

A final day in Cornwall and where better to spend it then the beach.
Well, many beaches.
We decided to do a bit of beach hoping round the further south westerly point of Cornwall.
The winds were on a complete new level today reaching highs of 40mph so cliff paths we rather off limits. 

First stop Porthchapel beach full of gorgeous little rock pools and amazing climbing rocks.

Rachael was on top of the world! 

Jesse got rather excited by the squid like seaweed on the beach and bounded around the beach whipping everyone in sight. 

We headed towards Porthcurno over the hill tops and found a gorgeous little "sacred" wishing well. 

Look at this beauty! We had to go down by sadly the only way down was a ridiculous sheer rock face. The boys were pretty nippy and scrambled down like mountain goats, but for the rest of us, it was rather tricky to say the least, with far too many near death experiences for my liking.

Look at this little cutie.
Noo not Rachael, the pup.
After spotting a seal just off the shore at Porthchapel, Rach was completely and utterly obsessed so of course we had to get her her own little guy to take home.

Following morning after a frantic pack and aim to be out of the house by 10am, we headed home and couldn't help but stop off at Chapel Porth on the way. My favourite place in the whole of Cornwall. 
One of my earliest memories is of lovely my grandparents taking me here when I was teenie tiny and playing in all the caves. There is no place in the whole of England quite as special to me.

Daddy decided to go for a wonder seeing as the tide was really far out.

He must have forgotten that waves actually do occur on beaches so ended up getting a bit soggy.

Naturally the sisters and I went exploring.
Little did we know that the tide was actually coming in so we kinda got trapped in the cave.
I does sound a bit funny, but 20 minutes later that cave was already 2m deep in water. Enough cave playing!

Chapel Porth has the best beach cafe in the whole of Cornwall, or I can even go as far to say in the whole of England.
Every single thing on the menu is freshly hand made and tastes out of this world.

The most amazing onion soup...ever!

Myles opted for a funny face whereas I went for a full on artery clogging Foxy.

It may look sweet, but it is so much more than that. Layers upon layers or devilish yumminess.

Clotted cream ice-cream dipped in clotted cream, rolled into flapjack.
All I can say is thank goodness high cholesterol doesn't run in the family.

We all had a wonderful trip and was such a great place to spend the holidays.

Now roll on 2013!

Happy New Year!


Christmas in Cornwall: Day Six

Another new day and another new adventure.
With the sun shining low in the sky we set off towards Treveren.

Rachael and I are absolutely obsessed with this new song by Benjamin Francis Leftwich. We could not stop singing it the whole way along the walk. You all need to have a listen (click here).

After a ridiculously long walk, we dragged ourselves back to the cottage and managed to cram in a few episodes of Brothers & Sisters (thank you Santa for the amazing box set) before heading out to St Ives for dinner.

Our choice of restaurant for tonight was The Captain's Table at The Sloop Inn. We had been desperate to try this place after seeing the fantastic specials menu boasting Paella, Lamb Tagine, Seafood Platter...

Gimmie Gimmie!

Little Rachael placed herself in the window seat and couldn't help but play a bit of Peekaboo behind the curtains.

Just look at that face!

Freshly baked bread dipped into basil pesto.
Literally the most tasty thing ever. I would never have thought to use pesto as a dip, but it is highly recommended! 
I manage to clean every bowl on the table.

Now onto the mains.

Rachael and I shared the Paella for two which was beyond fantastic. The most obscene amount of gorgeously fresh seafood including mussels, prawns, seabass, calamari and even lobster claws. YUMMMMM.

Daddy opted for the lamb tagine which he wouldn't even let anyone try as it was too good to share.

Harry with his rather unadventurous palette went for the fillet steak which was absolutely grilled to perfection.

The perfect mouthful.
If you are in St Ives, go to The Captain's Table! Make sure you book first as it gets pretty booked up (click here to book).

Back onto the waterfront for a little outfit post.

Row, row row your boat...
Last full day in Cornwall tomorrow, time really does fly when you're having fun!