Grey, The Lighter Shade of Black

People in New York wear black. Yes I know that its a bit of a rather bold statement but as far as I can see it seems to be true. Of course slight variations are allowed, grey, light grey and occasionally navy but with a no holding back policy when it comes to accessories. Perhaps it's because it is rather dirty here, and black hides all matter of sins, or maybe because black is just effortlessly chic. Living in New York for the past month it seems to have rubbed off on me. Of course my Topshop Leigh jeans are an absolute wardrobe staple, but I'm totally obsessed with this new Kate Spade Saturday Sweater addition, which is absolutely perfect for keeping me warm in these sub-zero temperatures and it's just oh so cute with it's lurex cuffs. Lets not forget to mention these Dame Edna-esque sunnies from Kate Spade also, channelling Chanel sequin eyebrows whilst protecting my eyes from the UV rays - well could you ask for more?


3.1 Philip Lim

I would have to say that Autumn is by far New York's most beautiful season. The warm sun setting in the late afternoon, the leaves starting to change from green to all shades of red brown orange and yellow. But why oh why does winter have to creep in and start so soon after? Before you know it the trees are barren and the light jacket days have turned to full on thermal layers and furs. Wandering through the park today it even started to snow. But lets face it, New York when its all white and snowy is amazing. The stuff that movies are made of. These snaps were taken by my totally wonderful new friend Sal who works with me at Snapette, and with City Hall Park right outside of my office, where better to do a little outfit post to show off my new 3.1 Philip Lim goodies.


Happy Thanksgivukkah

“Pass the cranberry sauce, I need some on my latkes”

This year American Jews are celebrating the very first Thanksgivukkah – the extremely rare convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah – which won’t happen again for another 79,000 years (79,043 to be exact – but whose counting?). The last time these two holidays landed on the same day was way back in 1861 - except President Abraham Lincoln didn’t declare it a national holiday till 1868, so I guess that just doesn’t count.

Typically it’s Christmas and Hanukkah that seem to coincide, and with both revolving around family time and gift-giving they seem to be a pretty good match thematically, but Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are an even more perfect fit. Not only due to the fact that they both celebrate religious liberty, but also that both Holidays are extremely food centric. 

Leading us onto the next major issue – food. Sweet potato latkes? Challah stuffed Turkey? The bizarre combinations continue with Zucker Bakery in East Village creating a rather special turkey-stuffed doughnut for this once a life-time occurrence.

Dana Gitell is credited with creating the Thanksgivukkah social hype, including a large Facebook and Twitter following. Since last Fall when people began to realize that this cultural phenomenon would come about, the holiday memorabilia has exploded, offering everything from apparel, original songs and even a Youtube video of a rap battle between a turkey and a dreidle (yeah this you need to see click here).

So we face the question of what gifts to buy on this most unusual of holidays, especially with the added pressure of it not occurring again for another 79,043 years. Here are a couple of absolute must haves that no Thanksgivukkah table should be without.

Created by 9-year old Asher Weintraub of New York this is a fail safe gift, guaranteed to put a smile on even the hardest to impress Bubbe's. Well who wouldn't love a turkey shaped menorah?

And of course there is the once in a lifetime opportunity to actually send/receive a Thanksgivukkah greetings card. These Americana-themed note cards are a great way to share the holiday cheer. 

So it’s inevitable that most of us watch the game post dinner and have a drink or two. Forget your traditional largers, this should be on the top of your list for the holiday. Plus get a load of that name, how could you resist?

For the chef inside of us all, this special day should be matched with an extra special apron.

Donuts have always been a big player in the Hanukkah desert set-up, have them with your Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie and Apple Pie for the perfect buffet addition.

As a British Jew spending the holidays in New York this year I am super excited to celebrate two of the most delicious holidays in one and even see a giant spinning dreidel float in this years Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Here’s to giving thanks to this unusual, yet perfect convergence.  

Happy Thanksgivukkah!