What springs to mind at the word Caravan?
Campsites…Gypsies...The Inbetweener's Movie...?
Nope, all wrong.
The Caravan I'm talking about is this great little restaurant where well travelled food and mighty fine coffee all meet in holy matrimony in an old grain store in Kings Cross.

After tottering around Kings Cross with Geneva for almost 30 minutes before finding the place which is literally next door to Kings Cross, you can almost see it as you come out the exit. But anyhooo we made it no thanks to me and grabbed a stool on a little sharer table next to a super duper loved up couple.  

By the time we got there both Geneva and I were absolutely starving and had to seriously refrain ourselves from ordering every single small sharer plate on the menu. But after a couple of recommendations from the waitress to help put our seriously eager tummy's minds back on track we opted for, well, a bit of everything really.


Sitting next to the giant caged kitchens it was pretty hard not to stare. The pair of us ooohed and ahhhed at almost every dish that came through the cubby whole.

Tempting no?

Look at this caramelised onion beauty. Dusted with flakes of parmesan and basil we wolfed down this not so little pizza bread before you could say, well, Pizza.

Geneva wore this gorgeous little pleated number from Topshop (click here) and a lovely double necklace from Urban Outfitters. 

These cauliflower cheese fritters were beyond delicious. 

So coming down to desert, we certainly did not need to see the menu. After looking at every dish that came out the kitchen we were convinced that we had to have 'the square brown thing' - which turned out to be a peanut butter number. Layers or peanut brittle and peanut butter ice-cream served with raspberry coulis pieces. It was almost a Mexican standoff when it came down to the last bite.

You can find Caravan at;

Granary Building
1 Granary Square (off Goods Way)
Tel: 020 7101 7661

Be sure to book before you go to avoid disappointment!


#LFW Spring 2014

Lets start my thanking the clouds for holding off the absolute downpour for at least a couple of hours yesterday. Somerset House courtyard was jam-packed full of bloggers, photographers and fashion folk alike all showcasing London street-style in its truest form and praying that any minute the clouds won't open. Keeping is tonal, I opted for a more relaxed look, throwing on this hugggeeee cropped sweater to keep me warm in the blistering winds. But hey had the legs out - all in the name of fashion. Of course I had to add a bit of red lippy which - for me - is an absolute #LFW must have. MAC's Ruby Woo is my go to colour and has always been ever since I bought my very first lipstick from Selfridges MAC counter oh way back when. Had a shoot for Kerastraight today, and tried out MAC's newest addition to their matt collection - Relentlessly Red - which is a slightly more pink version of their classic Ruby Woo - adding that to the must buy list! Had an absolutely great time with #teamkerastraight and Essence PR, be sure to stay tuned for a post on my gorgeous new locks soon!


90's Varsity

What I'm Wearing: Gap Plaid Shirt, Customised Vintage Varsity Jacket, +Topshop Embellished Mom Jeans, American Apparel Leotard.

Flash back to the 90's much? Jazzy mom jeans, varsity jackets and plaid shirts I feel as though I'm dressing as my former 10yr old self, just with a tad more sass. I've been umming and ahhing about these jeans since I bought them from the Topshop Flagship on Oxford Circus. Are they wearable enough? Are they flattering enough? But chucking them on with some super casual pieces I just fell in love. Who can resist a bit of sparkle, after all my friends do describe me as somewhat of a magpie. Anything with sequins glitter or studs and I'm drawn straight to it with an almost compelled feeling to purchase said item. Anyway enough of my ridiculous shopping habits, I'm off to try out a new restaurant tonight with my friend Geneva. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @georgiabenj to check out some of the up-to-date pics and stay tuned for the review soon to be on the blog. 

Flesh & Buns

Smack bang in the middle of London's Covent garden is Ross Shonan's new little Izakaya baby. Following his success with meaty-eatery Bone Daddies - just a few minutes round the corner - Shonan launched his Japanese come burger bar restaurant, Flesh & Buns
Hidden just behind the hustle and bustle of Neal Street, Earlham Street boasts a rather dinky entrance naaat leading to a vast cellar of sharer tables, booths and an extremely generous bar.

Super huge grin in anticipation of the ridiculous amount of food to be consumed.

Hop into the booth and get ordering a few 'hard' but super pretty drinks.

That little yellow guy on the right. Yeah. That's a frozen yuzu margartia. Pure frozen delicious heaven. Just keep 'em coming.

And now for some starters.

Well these lasted all about 5 seconds. As soon as they were snapped, the girls dove in like vultures to get their hands on some of the tempura goodness.

The most devine soft shell crab. One of my favourite foods and cooked to perfection here.

Fried squid dusted in Japanese pepper.

Chicken yakitori skewers.

 Humongous tempura prawns with yuzu ponzo.

Rae and Em thoroughly enjoying their pretty drinks.

A few cocktails down and the anticipation slighlty building for the infamous dish...


Steamed & slightly sweet, these Chinese bāozi buns are the Western answer to brioche pattys. Good enough to scoff down on their own, but wait and see all the goodies they give you to put inside.

Jesse and I opted for the Sirloin Steak complete with wafu dress which is melt in the mouth delicious. 

The others went for the Peking duck, pulled off the bone at the table. 

I am a huge burger fan, and getting to build my own just the way I like it is way more fun!

Just look at that bad boy.


Just look at Laura's hoisin drizzling talent.

Baskets of buns later and its desert time!

Naturally we had to go for the smores. Hello! They come with your very own fire pit. Who in their right mind could possibly resist?! 

Marshmallow on a stick and slices of green tea chocolate and crackers to build your very own campfire treat. 

Just a quick 'How-To' for those less experienced smore sandwich makers...

1. Toast to perfection (whilst avoiding setting it alight).

2. Place in-between the two crackers and of course add the slither of green tea chocolate for some extra deliciousness.

3. Squeeze and demolish. 

Don't eat it all in one go, as you'll want to seriously savour every last bite. 

Let's not forget to mention the black sugar donuts.
Bigger than my entire fist and jam-packed full of deliciously creamy black sugar sauce.
Ahhh I'm in desert heaven.

Whether you're looking for a laid back escape in the centre of London, or a cool location to impress your friends, then this place for you. With mouthwateringly exciting food, great atmosphere and delicious cocktails, this little restaurant is quickly becoming one of my favourite eatiers in London. 

I dare you not to love it.

Find Flesh & Buns at 41 Earlham Street and be sure to book online (click here) or call up (020 7632 9500) for a booking to avoid disappointment as they are bursting at the seams at peak times.

Getting super hungry writing this post, click here to check out their tantalising menu. Cannot wait for my return visit next week.