In New York City, it’s almost as if I could eat out every single night for years and not got to the same place twice. Every street, every block, every borough there are restaurants upon restaurants boasting every cuisine imaginable. Last week – with my trusty Select Card in tow – C and I headed into Hell’s Kitchen for a spot of Asian cuisine.

Now this Select Card is a bit of a gem. Giving discounts at tons of restaurants across the city on food and drink for your entire party. The handy Select app also acts as a tool to find affiliated restaurants in the neighborhood whilst also acting as your actual select card when you forget your wallet. What more could you want? 

OBAO is a little fusion hot spot bridging the gap between Thai and Vietnamese comfort foods and adding that luxurious element for the New York foodie. Dim sum, lobster pad thai, pho bo and more, I was salivating just reading the menu. Would ordering one of every appetizer have been too much…?

When C told me she wasn't a huge fan of squid, I was NOT disappointed. More for me! This appetiser was one of the specials of the day. Chilli, salty, crispy, calamari deliciousness.

Now this little beaut was the icing on the cake. Not only did we eat like kings and queens but with the Select Card we got a whole 20% off the entire bill. Eating out in New York is as frequent as catching the subway, so isn't it great to dine at all your favorite restaurants with a cheeky discount from Select

How can I get my hands on one of these you ask? So the Select Card is available to buy online (click here) for a year membership it costs $80 or if you'd rather pay monthly its only $10. 

But you for you lucky readers you get a whopping 50% off! Be sure to use exclusive code 'SUPERCALAFASHIONISTIC' as the invitation code when signing up at

Most users start reaping the benefit after only two uses of the card, and in the city that could be done in a week. So what you waiting for? Click here to get your hands on your very own Select Card

And be sure to tag all your foodie pics that you post all over the internet with #meetselect

Can't wait to try out some more SELECT restaurants soon. 


Here's Looking At You, Kid

Its safe to say eyes were on me in this Zara number. The sun is shining here in New York and that means it's time for little dresses to come out. After a winter of extreme temperatures and insane amounts of snow, being able to get my pasty pins out couldn't have come soon enough. So now fashion has always been the cause for a conversation starter and this dress is no exception. I heard them all yesterday from "quit staring at me" picking up coffee in Starbucks, "that dress is quite a looker" in the elevator at work, and my favourite "LOOK AT YOU" by some friendly suit in FiDi. That's what I love about clothes. The way they enable you to engage with others and them with you in other ways than just normal small talk. The floor is yours guys, what would be your best pun for this eye-catching dress?


Lure Fish Bar x The Foodie Magician

Last night I had the absolutely pleasure of dining with the infamous Food Magician

Yes the man, the myth and the legend himself, graced me with his presence in the heart of Soho at Lure Fish Bar. Below deck in the nautical themed interior emulating the interior of a ship I sat in pure beguilement whilst my mind was blown by both the delicious food and wondrous magic tricks.

Much to many prejudices of New York, proclaiming that all New Yorkers are unfriendly and rude, I am yet to encounter such folk and have been lucky enough to meet such wonderful and friendly people all inhabiting in this fantastic city. Brunch at one spot, coffee at another and dinner late into the evening, yeah I like to eat. As do many of the friends I have made here. And what better to do with these friends, then enjoy each others company over delicious wine and food. 

And where better to dine than a hot spot at which both my friend G and The Foodie Magician know just about everyone in the restaurant, from the sommelier to the hostess. Lure is pretty much a second home to them both. 

Sadly I wasn't in full blogging action and only took a couple of snaps on my phone - with handy lighting from G, who knows just the spot to capture that perfect Instagram shot (click here to follow me on Instagram @georgiabenj).

A delectable platter of some of the freshest sashimi I have ever tasted and some dynamite rolls which - for lack of a better word - were pretty darn dynamite. 

So on this very eve, and seeing as it's The Foodie Magician's favourite, I thought it was appropriate to try uni. 
Uni is sea urchin. 
That damned spiky thing that you stay well clear of, on the beach. 
It is safe to say that I'm also going to be staying well clear of uni on any menu from now on also.
I don't know whether it was the mushy texture, the overtly fishy taste or the fact that I put the entire piece in my mouth  yeah I committed, but it was my very first, and my very last uni experience. 

Nevertheless, despite that slight somewhat nauseating hick up, the rest of the food was finger licking good and I am already looking forward to a return visit.

You can find Lure Fish Bar at 142 Mercer Street in New York or at it's somewhat sunnier location in South Beach, Miami. 

Thanks to G and The Foodie Magician for a magical night, and be sure to follow @foodiemagician on Instagram (click here) and check out his blog (click here).