Herschel Supply for Liberty

For fashion lovers all over the globe, the word Liberty conjures up images of glorious floral prints, paisleys and of course wonderful collaborations with some of the most coveted and iconic brands out there. Think Hello Kitty, Nike, Dr Marten's, Barbour, big name brands that resonate with a captive audience all over the world. This time round, Liberty has teamed up with iconic bag company Herschel Supply Co. whose brand ethos of producing the finest quality timeless merchandise with a fine regard for detail is a perfect mesh with the eccentric, luxurious and charming world that is Liberty.
In this exclusive collection, the two brands have collaborated to add that creative Liberty element to four celebrated and iconic Herschel styles: the Heritage Herschel backpack, Novel duffle bag, Seymour laptop sleeve, and the children’s Settlement backpack. Neutral leather and muted canvas are the perfect base for the Liberty Melly, Mitsi Valeria and Betsy prints, giving each style a playful edge to complement the practical finish. The Herschel Supply for Liberty of London Collection is now available in store and to purchase online (click here). 


New York Fashion Week Day 5

The last day of this New York Fashion Week meant that I just had to wear my absolutely favourite Christopher Kane dress. I had always been such a huge fan of his designs since the unveiling of his first catwalk collection in Spring 2007 and it just astounds me that each and every new collection be brings out is more covetable than the previous (saying that, I would still die to have one of those neon and Swarovski belted bandage dresses - for any potential future boyfriend out there, track down one of those beauties for me and I have a small little spot waiting in my heart for ya, just sayin'). 

This Autumn/Winter 2014 show was no normal collection for Kane. Multi layered boasting all sorts from sharply tailored work wear and wool overcoats in the prettiest of pastel pinks to signature chunky knits with girlie frill and ruffle details. However this collection was a combination of rugged urban as well as his usual feminine style mixing almost bin-bag like nylon pieces accented with sumptuous mink fur. With only touches of his usual floral elements, Kane played on a botanical elements framing digitally printed flowers in a sheer organza on the front of A-Line shifts and mini skirts, yet scatters of crystals were seen on the fronts of suits and two piece ensembles creating an almost LED effect as the crystals shimmered and sparkled with the models strutting down the catwalk. Oh and what a way to close the show. Organza used to emulate pages in a book that moved magically down catwalk with a lightness and etherial finish that only Kane can do with such finesse. 

A wonderful (yet bitterly cold) New York Fashion Week, and a huge thank you to Snapette for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to go to so many shows. Next season in Paris..? Lets see where this amazing industry takes me. 

Heading off to a little shindig at the British Consulate in New York this evening, donning some printed trousers and a cut out blouse. Lets go rub shoulders with some of New York's and London's top social media professionals. 

One more day till Friday guys, I can almost feel the weekend!


New York Fashion Week Day 4

Yes I did. I went bare legged again in the godforsaken New York polar freeze. My logic was, that if I walked ran fast enough from the cab/subway to the show space I would be fine. 

Making it all the way over to the West Side to Kenneth Cole HQ we were greated with cookies, donuts, coffee and hot chocolate. As you can imagine the donuts remained pretty untouched. 

They were visually eaten if thats such a thing by almost everyone in the room but zero physical donut consumption took place. If only I was a fan of donuts, I would have jumped straight in there. 

Oh well. Just some coffee to add to my never ending caffeine overload. 

Oh and a selfie station too? Seriously how could I say no!

Heading over the show space it was clear that the Fall 2014 collection and show was all about social media. Hashtag emblazoned walls, projected selfie's onto the exposed brick, after all if, if in doubt, check instagram

Having being allocated a seat on the FROW opposite some of my absolute favourite bloggers; Bryan Boy and Trop Rouge to name a few, I was torn whether to watch the bloggers or the collection?! Thankfully phew I had enough of a chance to do both with the show starting somewhat 'fashionably late'.

I've recently discovered this amazing widget to create a scrolling banner of the items or like items that I'm wearing in my outfit posts. Shop Style you really are my saviour. Everything worn in this post are some of my absolute wardrobe staples. Leather jacket, fur gilet and of course my neoprene skirt from & Other Stories which I would actually wear every single day if I could, and literally goes with whatever I put it with (click here). And of course my staple SUPERCALAFASHIONISTIC beanie which I am rarely seen without in the extreme temperatures this New York Winter. The wanted item of all my friends and co-workers, and at only £10, what a steal! 

Click here to get your own SUPERCALAFASHIONISTIC beanie


MM6 Martin Maison Margiela Fall 2014 NYFW

The loyal followers of Maison Martin Margiela look to the diffusion brand MM6 as a New York label. Clothes that mesh perfectly with the muted palettes of the city whilst adding that somewhat avant-garde element which makes the line urban and just fashion forward enough to stand out. 

Rather than follow the norm and show at the infamous Lincoln Centre (so not Margiela's style), the Fall 2014 collection was shown at a simple yet clean show space in Chelsea, the Skylight Modern. 

A traditional benched seating set up was replaced by an assortment of quirky and unique chairs not only reflecting the brand ethos but the qualities of the MM6 customer also.

Many of NYFW invited are e-vites and operate by simply scanning the provide barcode on your smart phone at the venue to revive your stetting allocation. However MM6 decided to keep it somewhat more "old-school" with neon vintage style concert posters and wristbands giving the event a somewhat rave-like feel. 

Canadian singer Sean Nicholas Savage, accompanied by a keyboard, provided the stirring live soundtrack for the Fall 2014 show. A simple palette of white black and red helped portray the 'fashionable city girl on her way to/from boxing practice' feel, which was the unique inspiration behind the collection. 

The unexpected inspiration behind the collection was reflected in the ensembles which made their way around the showspace. An overall outdoorsy, masculine, minimal vibe was evident with black wellies worn with tailored shorts and paper like cotton shift dresses which crinkled and emulated paper so exactly that it was hard to believe that it was actually cotton. 

Lets not forget to mention the bubble wrap which stormed social media platforms when MM6 unveiled their bubble wrap tee worn over a simple bandeau. Perhaps not the most wearable piece in the collection, however the t-shirts with slight accents of the insulator will be the more coveted pieces come Fall 2014. 

Lamintaed denim in oranges and white was made to look like leather and used for boy shorts which stood prominently away from the body. Whilst button down shirts were so cut away they were more of a bib worn over bandeaus to expose large areas of skin. 

Fingerless gloves made to emulate boxing gloves were the only accessory in this Fall 2014 collection and were seen on every model though out the show.

Eyebrows were a big N-O in this show with many of their models haven their eyebrows bleached by the Mac Cosmetic team prior to the show. Whilst make up was kept to a minimum with nothing but a clear gloss worn on the eyelids and a slight accentuation of the models lip colour. 

Thanks to certain celebs who are loyal followers of the Maison Martin Margiela Brand including Kayne West, Kelly Roland and Lady Gaga, the somewhat exclusive brand has been brought more in the fashion lime light. MM6 offers somewhat more tamed versions of their mainline collection and provide a practical entry point for those wanting to get their hands on a bit of the action.  In the words of Jay Z "Maison, uh, Martin Margiela" we dig your MM6 Fall collection and cannot wait to see the West/Kardashian family peruse around in your bubble wrap come Fall. 


New York Fashion Week Day 3

It's always puzzled me how ΓΌber cool bloggers and fashion folk walk along with their fabulous coat draped in such a chic manner over their shoulders exposing their even more wonderful outfit underneath without it falling off. It's true that once you put on your outerwear (unless you are going for the 'trench coat as a dress' kind of look) it fully conceals what could be your most fantastic outfit to date. I am certainly not saying that this is one of my more fantastic looks, rather my favourite knit and a pair of oversized vintage levis yeah sometimes comfy is chic. Anyhoo, I decided outside of the Eyebeam show space which Rolando Santanta just showed his most fabulous collection at, to try this little styling trick out. To much astonishment and a couple of failed attempts, I managed to succeed cue silent squeals of delight and with my friend Shelly on snapping duty she clicked away capturing this joyous moment just so perfectly! Last day of fashion week tomorrow. Gosh what a blast!