New York Fashion Week Day 4

Yes I did. I went bare legged again in the godforsaken New York polar freeze. My logic was, that if I walked ran fast enough from the cab/subway to the show space I would be fine. 

Making it all the way over to the West Side to Kenneth Cole HQ we were greated with cookies, donuts, coffee and hot chocolate. As you can imagine the donuts remained pretty untouched. 

They were visually eaten if thats such a thing by almost everyone in the room but zero physical donut consumption took place. If only I was a fan of donuts, I would have jumped straight in there. 

Oh well. Just some coffee to add to my never ending caffeine overload. 

Oh and a selfie station too? Seriously how could I say no!

Heading over the show space it was clear that the Fall 2014 collection and show was all about social media. Hashtag emblazoned walls, projected selfie's onto the exposed brick, after all if, if in doubt, check instagram

Having being allocated a seat on the FROW opposite some of my absolute favourite bloggers; Bryan Boy and Trop Rouge to name a few, I was torn whether to watch the bloggers or the collection?! Thankfully phew I had enough of a chance to do both with the show starting somewhat 'fashionably late'.

I've recently discovered this amazing widget to create a scrolling banner of the items or like items that I'm wearing in my outfit posts. Shop Style you really are my saviour. Everything worn in this post are some of my absolute wardrobe staples. Leather jacket, fur gilet and of course my neoprene skirt from & Other Stories which I would actually wear every single day if I could, and literally goes with whatever I put it with (click here). And of course my staple SUPERCALAFASHIONISTIC beanie which I am rarely seen without in the extreme temperatures this New York Winter. The wanted item of all my friends and co-workers, and at only £10, what a steal! 

Click here to get your own SUPERCALAFASHIONISTIC beanie


  1. Well that beanie is definitely a classic and you look fantastic, bare legs and all!

  2. That beanie is a classic and you look fantastic bare legs and all!


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