New York Fashion Week Day 3

It's always puzzled me how ΓΌber cool bloggers and fashion folk walk along with their fabulous coat draped in such a chic manner over their shoulders exposing their even more wonderful outfit underneath without it falling off. It's true that once you put on your outerwear (unless you are going for the 'trench coat as a dress' kind of look) it fully conceals what could be your most fantastic outfit to date. I am certainly not saying that this is one of my more fantastic looks, rather my favourite knit and a pair of oversized vintage levis yeah sometimes comfy is chic. Anyhoo, I decided outside of the Eyebeam show space which Rolando Santanta just showed his most fabulous collection at, to try this little styling trick out. To much astonishment and a couple of failed attempts, I managed to succeed cue silent squeals of delight and with my friend Shelly on snapping duty she clicked away capturing this joyous moment just so perfectly! Last day of fashion week tomorrow. Gosh what a blast!


  1. yes i have always wondered how it doesn't fall off!
    gorgeous outfit

  2. Absolutely love this outfit lady! I have that bag and it looks amazing with the casualness of the jumper and ripped jeans- you've given me some inspiration on how to style it.

    Faye x


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