What springs to mind at the word Caravan?
Campsites…Gypsies...The Inbetweener's Movie...?
Nope, all wrong.
The Caravan I'm talking about is this great little restaurant where well travelled food and mighty fine coffee all meet in holy matrimony in an old grain store in Kings Cross.

After tottering around Kings Cross with Geneva for almost 30 minutes before finding the place which is literally next door to Kings Cross, you can almost see it as you come out the exit. But anyhooo we made it no thanks to me and grabbed a stool on a little sharer table next to a super duper loved up couple.  

By the time we got there both Geneva and I were absolutely starving and had to seriously refrain ourselves from ordering every single small sharer plate on the menu. But after a couple of recommendations from the waitress to help put our seriously eager tummy's minds back on track we opted for, well, a bit of everything really.


Sitting next to the giant caged kitchens it was pretty hard not to stare. The pair of us ooohed and ahhhed at almost every dish that came through the cubby whole.

Tempting no?

Look at this caramelised onion beauty. Dusted with flakes of parmesan and basil we wolfed down this not so little pizza bread before you could say, well, Pizza.

Geneva wore this gorgeous little pleated number from Topshop (click here) and a lovely double necklace from Urban Outfitters. 

These cauliflower cheese fritters were beyond delicious. 

So coming down to desert, we certainly did not need to see the menu. After looking at every dish that came out the kitchen we were convinced that we had to have 'the square brown thing' - which turned out to be a peanut butter number. Layers or peanut brittle and peanut butter ice-cream served with raspberry coulis pieces. It was almost a Mexican standoff when it came down to the last bite.

You can find Caravan at;

Granary Building
1 Granary Square (off Goods Way)
Tel: 020 7101 7661

Be sure to book before you go to avoid disappointment!


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