Flesh & Buns

Smack bang in the middle of London's Covent garden is Ross Shonan's new little Izakaya baby. Following his success with meaty-eatery Bone Daddies - just a few minutes round the corner - Shonan launched his Japanese come burger bar restaurant, Flesh & Buns
Hidden just behind the hustle and bustle of Neal Street, Earlham Street boasts a rather dinky entrance naaat leading to a vast cellar of sharer tables, booths and an extremely generous bar.

Super huge grin in anticipation of the ridiculous amount of food to be consumed.

Hop into the booth and get ordering a few 'hard' but super pretty drinks.

That little yellow guy on the right. Yeah. That's a frozen yuzu margartia. Pure frozen delicious heaven. Just keep 'em coming.

And now for some starters.

Well these lasted all about 5 seconds. As soon as they were snapped, the girls dove in like vultures to get their hands on some of the tempura goodness.

The most devine soft shell crab. One of my favourite foods and cooked to perfection here.

Fried squid dusted in Japanese pepper.

Chicken yakitori skewers.

 Humongous tempura prawns with yuzu ponzo.

Rae and Em thoroughly enjoying their pretty drinks.

A few cocktails down and the anticipation slighlty building for the infamous dish...


Steamed & slightly sweet, these Chinese bāozi buns are the Western answer to brioche pattys. Good enough to scoff down on their own, but wait and see all the goodies they give you to put inside.

Jesse and I opted for the Sirloin Steak complete with wafu dress which is melt in the mouth delicious. 

The others went for the Peking duck, pulled off the bone at the table. 

I am a huge burger fan, and getting to build my own just the way I like it is way more fun!

Just look at that bad boy.


Just look at Laura's hoisin drizzling talent.

Baskets of buns later and its desert time!

Naturally we had to go for the smores. Hello! They come with your very own fire pit. Who in their right mind could possibly resist?! 

Marshmallow on a stick and slices of green tea chocolate and crackers to build your very own campfire treat. 

Just a quick 'How-To' for those less experienced smore sandwich makers...

1. Toast to perfection (whilst avoiding setting it alight).

2. Place in-between the two crackers and of course add the slither of green tea chocolate for some extra deliciousness.

3. Squeeze and demolish. 

Don't eat it all in one go, as you'll want to seriously savour every last bite. 

Let's not forget to mention the black sugar donuts.
Bigger than my entire fist and jam-packed full of deliciously creamy black sugar sauce.
Ahhh I'm in desert heaven.

Whether you're looking for a laid back escape in the centre of London, or a cool location to impress your friends, then this place for you. With mouthwateringly exciting food, great atmosphere and delicious cocktails, this little restaurant is quickly becoming one of my favourite eatiers in London. 

I dare you not to love it.

Find Flesh & Buns at 41 Earlham Street and be sure to book online (click here) or call up (020 7632 9500) for a booking to avoid disappointment as they are bursting at the seams at peak times.

Getting super hungry writing this post, click here to check out their tantalising menu. Cannot wait for my return visit next week. 



  2. really lovely pics!

    Emma xx

  3. Everything looks so tasty, thank you for inspiration...

  4. hummmm looks deliciouse!



  5. I just love your outfit and very envious the food and drinks look amazing <3

  6. Wow, that food looks absolutely lip smacking good!! Yum!!


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