Hidden through a teenie tiny door on the City Road in London's Old Street is a hidden slice of old-school glamour transporting you back to the Prohibition era. Live Jazz band, waiters in traditional attire and a relaxed content undertone knowing that you share this watering hole with fellow bar dwellers. 

Shussssshhhhhhh this is our little secret. 

Nightjar is the perfect hotspot for a few cheeky cocktails with friends, but the dimmed lighting and tiny round tables make it rather perfect for a date (guys take note). No dangers of not being able to be heard in conversation and breathing room is comes in copious quantities, with the concierge having strict instructions to only let parties in if a table is guaranteed. Book is essential, to get your sought after slot. But come after peak time and you just may be lucky enough to grab yourself a seat at the bar. 

Sadly I didn't manage to take too many photos last night, far too busy chatting away and pouring cocktail filled shells down my new top. But to no matter with my friend managing to get chocolate over almost every extremity. That darned chocolate cherry. I certainly got the better deal. 

The cocktails kept on coming in all sorts of containers from mini barrels, oriental mugs, flaming coconuts - the constant surprises and meticulous presentation made the evening even more enjoyable and I'm already looking forward to a return visit.

But remember guys, Need to basis only.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my GOSH. This sounds SO cool! I would love to go there. So glad that you had fun!

  2. Sounds like one delightful place to check out!

  3. this looks amazing!

  4. amazing post!thanks for sharing:-)


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