Day At The Races

A whole heep of friends, obscenely indulgent picnics and far too many bottles of champagne.
That must only mean one thing.
Ascot and the almighty Shergar Cup.
Sounds like the title of a new adventure series right? Anyhoo...

This event is hugely coveted by my fiends and I, and is such a wonderful excuse to eat drink and be merry the whole day through. Well Its bound to be 6 o'Clock somewhere.

Delicious bubbles in M&S's finest plastic flutes. Today's bound to be a good day.

What I'm Wearing: Zara Dress, & Other Stories Rings, Elkin Bracelets & Michael Kors Shoes.

With 6 races scheduled for the day, I decided to spread my chances and place a cheeky bet on each one. 
Go big or go home right?

Collecting my winnings #1
Yeah buddy!

Celebratory cigar.
Like a boss.

Nicky however was not...

Collecting my winnings #2
The odds were seriously in my favour as guess what....

Collecting my winnings #3
Hello cheeky wad!

It's all down to the wishbone lucky charm!

Following a rather fortunate day of winnings (some rather far more fortunate than others), everyone was still on cracking form - popping more bottles in wild anticipation for the 90's disco with performances from the likes of Blue, Atomic Kitted & Rick Astley. Oh what a line up!

Totally obsessed with Laura's little lace back playsuit. 

The back detail/backless vibe was rather trending in our little posse.

Girlies looking beaut in their little coral numbers.

Nothing less than huge cheesy grins with the twinnie.

J and I totally loving the Hawaiian headband. 

Joe not looking too impressed with the news the Atomic Kitted were about to come on stage.

J and Nicky were rather excited to say the least... cue 'The Tide Is High'. 

Getting far too snappy happy, much to Talbots dislike.

Getting down to the 90's tunes.

Cutie pies.

Just some of the motley crew.

Natasha looking absolutely beautiful in head to toe Zara.

Little J was very happy with the news that Blue were about to hit the stage. 
Hello #1 fan!

How lovely do these little beauties looking in their Zara and Whistles number's?

Three man piggy back... well why not?

'One Love' for the mother's pride....

A glorious day rounded off with a joyous round of YMCA with copious shirtless dance moves in tow.

Roll on next year. And of course I'll be wearing my trusty wishbone necklace (click here to get yours).


  1. great photos!

    love all the dresses :)


  2. Looks like you had an amazing time! You looked fab x

  3. Great look amazing...


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