Grey, The Lighter Shade of Black

People in New York wear black. Yes I know that its a bit of a rather bold statement but as far as I can see it seems to be true. Of course slight variations are allowed, grey, light grey and occasionally navy but with a no holding back policy when it comes to accessories. Perhaps it's because it is rather dirty here, and black hides all matter of sins, or maybe because black is just effortlessly chic. Living in New York for the past month it seems to have rubbed off on me. Of course my Topshop Leigh jeans are an absolute wardrobe staple, but I'm totally obsessed with this new Kate Spade Saturday Sweater addition, which is absolutely perfect for keeping me warm in these sub-zero temperatures and it's just oh so cute with it's lurex cuffs. Lets not forget to mention these Dame Edna-esque sunnies from Kate Spade also, channelling Chanel sequin eyebrows whilst protecting my eyes from the UV rays - well could you ask for more?

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