The Blonde Salad for Snapette #digitalfete

Getting thrown in the deep end. On my first day. Well that's the understatement of the century. But let's face it, I just wouldn't have had wanted it any other way. Working for Snapette over the last few months in London has been great; social media, graphics, editors pics...all whilst trying to balance a million other things in the meantime, but now being in the office, this is when it gets real. 

Finally being here in the big apple and working with such a fantastic team, in a super create environment - it couldn't be any better. 

Hold on. I've back tracked. Let's talk about my absolutely hectic yet utterly brilliant first day. Tossing and turning all night due to the inevitable jet lag - and heading out for a run before the sun had even woken up - I did worry that I would not be able to last till the evening. But knowing I was going to meet Chiara Ferragani of The Blonde Salad at our #digitalfete event certainly kept me going. 

Finishing the tasks in the office - at my very own desk may I add - I headed off to Curve Boutique in Soho to help prepare for our little fashion party. Curve is in my opinion one of New York's greatest high end boutiques. Run by fashion hero and absolute darling Nevena Borissova, who started building her little empire at the age of 22 over in LA, and carrying some of my absolute favourite brands including Christopher Kane, Balmain & Valentino (just to name a few), I was drawling at all of the gorgeous merchandise whilst setting up for the evenings entertainment. 

The #digitalfete event, sponsored by Google, saw Nexus phones being handed to the night's top 50 Snappers on the Snapette App as well as a $1000 Curve gift card to the user with the most loves at the event. The Moet & Belevede flowed nicely throughout the evening with music by Harley Viera Newton and live graffiti by Jona Cerwinske. Top bloggers, journalists and fashion folk alike all rubbed shoulders all evening and my little old British accent seemed to work an absolute treat when it came to networking.

A fantastic night and what a brilliant first day. Despite running on only coffee and adrenaline, my Cheshire cat like grin did not leave my face all evening. What a great welcome back to this fantastic city. 


  1. Looks like a great event.



  2. Ahhh looks you all had so much fun.


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