Christmas in Cornwall: Day Three

Waking up bright and early to the sound of waves crashing on the rocks. Oh I wish I could wake up to that sound every morning.
With aching limbs and coffees in hand we headed off to the idyllic beach of Porthcurno.
Home to the very first telephone cable stretching all the way from teenie tiny England all the way to the America. It is strange to think that there is this one cable stretching thousands of miles under the Atlantic. The very first form of telecommunication between two great nations. Seeing as there is absolutely no cell service down in Cornwall, I am certainly thankful for this little cable.

Rachael was avoiding the rather huge puddle by tight roping across the cable.
Circus skills to the maximum!

The beach had all sorts carved into the cliff side. Stairs leading somewhere, nowhere and even up the most treacherous cliff path.

Some of the puddles we met along the route were rather unpassable. 
You really needed a wetsuit and snorkel to swim though them.
Harry decided to put his 6'2'' frame to good use and straddle across the bank.
We were all just waiting for him to slip and fall as the puddle got bigger and bigger, but much to our dismay he stayed dry as a bone.

We were rather startled by this pyramid/igloo shaped rock, but soon discovered that it was a rather large marking to show the exact spot where the cable was first laid (click here to find out more about it).

Next door to Porthcurno beach is the beautiful Minack Theatre.
Most people who visit the theatre for the first time imagine it was built by invading Romans, and its beguiling to think that one women and her gardener created the whole thing. An intricately and beautifully theatre carved into the cliff by a little lady called Rowena Cade. From 1931 until she died in 1983 the Minack Theatre was planned, built and financed single-handedly.

Naturally Rachael, Jesse & I took to the stage to put on our very own show.

The theatre is still in full working order and schools of actors travel from far and wide to perform in the iconic theatre with a more than breathtaking backdrop, you can see everything from Shakespeare to story telling (click here to book).

Of course we had to stop for a quick coffee break at the cafe over looking the theatre.

After a busy day of walking, we returned home and got all dolled up and ready to head over to Seagrass in St Ives for dinner.
I was dying to try out this place. With a head chef who was on MasterChef the Professionals (which I am totally obsessed with) I knew we were up for a winner with this one.

A cute little upstairs restaurant right on the seafront with a gorgeous relaxed ambience and a perfect festive meets seaside interior decor.

Jesse and I had to try out the specialities of the house. 
The Seagrass Mohito and Seagrass Serendipity were simply wonderful. 
Keep 'em coming.

River Exe Mussels with chorizo, leeks, Cornish cider & tomato
Root vegetable soup
Home Made Terrine, with chutney & melba toast
Cornish Rump Steak
Fritto Misto
Seafood Tagliatelle
Catch of the day: Gunard
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Chocolate Brownie with Peanut Butter Ice Cream
Lime Posset with Berry Compote

A gorgeous meal and cannot wait to go back. The seafood tagliatelle was on a whole new level of amazing. I hate having food envy but thankfully Jesse got full quickly so if course I managed to help her finish it off. 

Absolutely full to bursting, we went for a little stroll around the harbour, to attempt to cancel out some of the vast amounts of consumed over the holidays. Well, when else can you eat like a pig and not be judged for it. Roll on new years resolutions.

Another wonderful day in Cornwall. Let's see what tomorrow brings!


  1. Looks like a ton of fun! love your necklace in the last few shots! xx

  2. Woow, nice photo. I follow you.

  3. Wonderful photos and place!! Happy new year!! Kiss,Paolo

  4. Awww super happy to see all these photos! You really look lovely and great with all smiles! :) Glad you're enjoying your time! :)
    Happy 2013 ahead dear!

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  5. Love the photos!

  6. great photos darling! have fun!


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