Christmas in Cornwall

Spending Christmas in Cornwall has always been a tradition with my family. 
For some reason, it always seems so much more festive down here and as much as I love London, it's always great to have a little escape to the coast from time to time. 

 I felt like an actual kid this morning. Woke up ridiculously early and was rolling around in my bed attempting to get back to sleep so I could go and wake the rest of the house up at a slightly more respectable time, but was just way too excited to see what Santa had put in my stocking. Leaping on my brother and sister and dragging my parents downstairs we were very pleased to see Santa had finished off all his bucks fizz and mince pies and had left us lots of lovely presents.

The sisters and I decided to follow Santa's example and have a rather large glass of bucks fizz for ourselves. I don't know what it is about Christmas, but it really is that one and only day of the year that makes it acceptable to drink champagne before 9am. I certainly wasn't complaining.

Santa had really outdone himself this year. As well as the usual goodies of sugar mice and chocolate, he had filled my stocking with Zadig & Voltaire goodies, obscene amount of OPI nail varnishes, studded leather gloves and even a fur gillet. Santa, you really do have good taste. 

The rest of the family seemed to do pretty well too. Mummy was jingling her bells on the glorious packing to her new Mulberry bag, Daddy was reading every instruction manual possible on all his new kitchen gadgets and Rachael was strumming away on her new guitar. 

Post present opening, we got suited and booted and headed off for a traditional Christmas day walk. 

Christmas puts everyone in just the nicest of spirits. 
What other day of the year could you just talk to every stranger you see and get a warm and friendly greeting in return? Certainly never in London.

Harry and I decided to play a game of chicken on the beach. 
For all of you who don't know the game, it basically involves completing a slightly dangerous or risky task and to see who can persevere for the longest before "chickening out". 
It was high tide so most of the beach was underwater. But we wanted to see who could go the furthest out  before risking a complete drenching from the waves.

You'll all be pleased to hear that I won, fair and square, but it was rather terrifying at some points.

A quick warm up in front of the fire, and it was all hands on deck in the kitchen. 

A couple hours later, and dinner was served. 14 different dishes just for the 6 of us.
Hello leftovers! 

Of course I had to have a bit of everything and it only just managed to fit on my plate.

So after a long day playing a few rather competitive games of Articulate Daddy and I are the absolute dream team, and trying to contemplate if I am ever going to be able to eat again after the ridiculous amounts consumed today, we all retired in front of the fire, awaiting the Downton Christmas Special. 

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!


  1. That sunset is so beautiful! Happy holidays xx

  2. Haha you won my dear! Congrats! LOL. It does look scary a little bit. LOL :) Beautiful place!

    Happy holidays!

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  3. Looks like Santa was good to everybody! Amazing table....!!!!

  4. Amazing pics!!!

  5. You're so beautiful! <3


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