Four Eyes

Glasses shopping is terrifying. 
How on earth are you meant to be able to choose one accessory that you have to wear every day for the next two years of your life. It was just so difficult.
Umming and Ahhing for what felt like hours, I tried on pretty much every frame in the entire store.

Tom Ford

Polo Ralph Lauren

Dolce & Gabbana




Frankly, I think there was just way too much choice. Black frames, tortoise shell frames, round frames, square frames, cat eyed frames, big frames, small frames, frameless?! All the trying on made me a bit delirious and with each new frame I ended up embodying a different character, transforming from Harry Potter to my mad aunt in a matter of moments. It all just got a bit overwhelming.

I ended up choosing these matt black beauties by Dolce & Gabbana. I absolutely love them. I feel like a huge geek when they're on, which is brilliant for when I've got to sit and work for hours on end, as they really get me in the studious mood. So all the fretting and stressing for the past week, wondering whether or not I'd made the right decision, and even considering going back into the store to check that I hadn't missed any, paid off. Winner winner chicken dinner.

And to wrap it all off, a little duck face snapshot from my instagram. Click here to follow me @georgiabenj.

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