Paisley Pants

What I'm Wearing: Miso Oversized Tee, Topshop Paisley Jeans, Isabel Marant Sneakers, Michael Kors Watch, Topshop Ring & Peridot by Chanel Nail Polish.

I've always been a bit dubious about paisley. Whether or not the print is a bit too oriental or the fact I could look like I'm wearing an old gentleman's handkerchief sported into some sort of piece of clothing. These jeans, however, totally break the rule. The colours are so complementing with one another and slot right into my Autumn wardrobe ever so nicely. I paired them with this huge oversized long sleeve tee from Miso which is so comfortable that it could as well be pyjama's, and the old faithful wedged sneakers, for another full day in the studio. So happy I've finally got my laptop back now, feel whole again and very much looking forward to getting back on my regular blogging routine. 

The fact that it got dark at 4pm today is very upsetting. Long were the days of the summer and now we hit the short daylight hours of winter. Cosy evenings by the fireplace, hot bubble baths and tonnes and tonnes of comfort food, Winter isn't all bad I guess...!?


  1. How do you afford all these things???

    1. Not everything I wear in my posts is brand spanking new. It's all about reworking what you've currently got in your wardrobe with a new piece every now and then :)


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