Piccadilly Institute

Last night we went out to celebrate my friends birthday's in the Piccadilly Institute. Right in the heart of London, the Piccadilly Institute is a perfect place to celebrate, and with a labyrinth like interior there are enough rooms and bars to keep you entertained all night. 
I think the best way to describe the decor would be to call it bizarrely beautiful, as with every suave looking bar there is celling lined with mannequins, and with room names such as the Chamber and Shrink, well, I think you kind of get the bizarre approach. But it sure did make for an eventful evening.

We spent most of the night in the Clinic. The room was positively buzzing all evening with the most amazing cocktails, served in all sort of medical like glasses and even the bar staff were dressed in their scrubs. Shots in syringes to cocktails in measuring beakers and even wine served in specimen pots, you never quite knew what to expect, but the surprises and constant intrigue just left you wanting to explore some more. Amazing music, delicious drinks and a whole gabble of great friends, we sure did have a fun night. 

Emily was absolutely loving life when her birthday drinks were delivered to the table.

Hemant was pretty excited too.

Sophie and I clearly having a great boogie in the Dispensary bar. 

What Sophie's Wearing: Rare London Panelled Body Con Dress & Kurt Geiger Heels.

Hats just seemed to keep on appearing all night, from my glittery top hat to Nicky's straw ensemble, but we were certainly not complaining. 

Happy Birthday Emily & Hemant!

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