Country Bumpkin

What I'm Wearing: Quilted Barbour JacketAubin & Wills Silk Shirt, Levi's Superlow Skinny Jeans, Hunter Original Metallic Wellington Boots & Topshop Trilby.

This autumn weather has really got me in the country mood. I've got this yearning desire to go rambling in the hills and soak up some of this gorgeous Autumn sun. With the ridiculous amount of work that I've got at the moment, I don't really think I could escape off to the country for a long walk and pub lunch. Lets just save that for the weekend, shall we. I have borrowed Emma's quilted Barbour jacket which I absolutely love. The great thing about living with another fashion student, basically means that I have two wardrobes. We're constant borrowing stuff of each other, I think we should just transform the corridor into one giant wardrobe. I'll propose that idea to her later. Hunter wellies are a must have staple in everyone's Autumn wardrobe. I literally don't think I could cope without mine, and having them in metallic green just makes them that little bit fabulous. I've been in the library for most of the day today slaving away as per usual and had a great soundtrack to listen, which has just kept me ploughing through. Its called October Mix on Soundcloud by this great guy from New York, you should check it out. 

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