Oxford University

This past weekend, I went to pick up my brother from Oxford.
As expected, it was full of very intelligent looking people in their specs and chino's carrying books in their baskets on the front of their bikes. I was very out of place. However I did not expect it to be quite as beautiful as it was.
I'm sure my parents took me to Oxford when I was a lot younger, and probably willed me to get the best grades in the class, so I could go to the very best (and the oldest) university in the country. However, as I'm sure they realised from when I was even younger than that trip, that the fashion route was always for me (I even used to sign my birthday cards, 'love from FD' [future designer]). 
But sure enough, I could still enjoy the historical beauty that the icon British university town had to offer. 

Whilst Harry & I strolled round the gorgeous town, I couldn't quite resist exploring inside one of the colleges. St John's College is the wealthiest college within Oxford University as well as one of the largest, and was founded back in 1555 by Sir Thomas White. The multiple courtyards were immaculately kept and stunning in they're quintessentially British  15th century architecture. Part of the colleges design is also the very first example of Italian Renaissance architecture in Oxford.  

What I'm Wearing: Brandy Melville Sweater, Topshop Leigh Jeans, Isabel Marant Sneakers & H&M Necklace.

Couldn't resist in a little outfit post in the Canterbury Quadrange, photo's courtesy of my little bro Harry (didn't he do a good job!?). If you haven't been to the beautiful place that is Oxford, I thoroughly recommend it. Only an hour outside of London, its British Heritage as well as the amazing shops and restaurants are all something that you should not miss out on. Definitely going to visit Harry again soon!

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