Italian Eton Mess

I am a lover of all things sweet and when it comes to meal times, I always, without fail, have to have a desert. 
This is literally the godfather of deserts. The sort of thing to have when you tell yourself "I'll start the diet tomorrow"
Similar to one of my favourite deserts, Eton Mess, but done the Italian way. 
Such a tasty and delightfully naughty treat and just so simple to make as it only needs three ingredients!
How can you resist a bit of chocolate, meringue and cream, finished off with some tangy raspberries. The answer is that you certainly cannot.

Here's what you need:

Box of meringue nests
Big bar of chocolate
Tub of double cream

Break up all the meringue nests into a big mixing bowl.

Crush them into little tiny pieces.

Dollop in the double cream.

Grate (or chop) the chocolate into tiny little pieces.

Add the chocolate to the mix.

Stir it all up, ensuring that all the meringue is coated in the cream.

Line a bowl with cling film.

And pour in the mixture.

Even off the mixture so that its level at the top (which will end up the bottom later).

Cover the top of the mixture and place into the freezer for a couple of hours until the mixture is nice and firm. You want it to be nice and solid so that you can slice it up into nice neat pieces later. 

E Voilà!

I've garnished mine with some scummy juicy raspberries to balance out the creamy richness from the Italian Eton Mess, but you can use whatever fruit you fancy (passionfruit would be gorgeous!).

Roni & and I literally licked the plates clean. Perfetto. 
But doesn't it look molto buono!?

(Once you've finished. Cover it back up and place in the freezer until you want another serving.)

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