Pink Sky

Pink sky at night, sailor's delight. Pink sky in the morning, sailor's warning.

I love that saying. It always gives you the delight of knowing tomorrow will be a lovely day. Unfortunately, as I've very sadly come to realise, it is only a saying and I shouldn't really rely on the sky as my weather forecast. Today's weather is full on miserable, the sort of weather which needs both hands to hold onto your umbrella, and makes you worry that the next huge gust of wind will whisk you off into the air Mary Poppins style. These pink jeans are great on a dull grey day like today, they have that sort of highlighter neon colour which stands out no matter the weather. I am totally in love with this bejewelled collar from Monki, and I just wish I could wear it every single day. It's blend of renaissance splendour and colourful mixed jewels just finishes off any outfit perfectly, whether it be an over sized knit, tweed jacket or just a plain white tee. Can't wait to style it up again soon. 

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