The Little Black Jacket

Breaking onto the fashion scene back in 1910, Coco Chanel had no idea that she would be on the lips of fashionista's all around the world almost 100 years later. Already owning the fashion world in the LBD department, now with Karl Largerfeld at the helm the title of LBJ officially goes you, Chanel. 
Opened today, galleries in London, New York, Paris, Moscow, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Berlin, Sydney, & Taipei pay homage to the creative brilliance of Karl Largerfeld, celebrating Chanel's classic iconic style with the help of former French Vogue editor, Carine Roitfeld.

The Little Back Jacket exhibition displays how one iconic tweed jacket can be styled so many different ways (113 to be exact) to suit all. The iconic photographs feature friends of the House; from model's to actor's, violin virtuoso's to hip hop star's, across all ages from toddlers to pensioners. Versatility has always been a major component of Chanel's philosophy, and Karl Largerfeld truly carries on her legacy, demonstrating exactly that whilst "fashion passes, style remains" creating clothes can truly be worn forever.

In London, the Little Black Jacket exhibition is held at the Saatchi Gallery, as well as being celebrated in the Chanel stores with iconic displays of the new season's 'Little Black Jacket'. Here's a little sneak peak into the wonderful exhibition, celebrating all things Chanel.

Saskia de Brauw
Laetitia Casta
Anna Wintour
Kristen McMenamy

Kayne West
Milla Jovovich
Julia Restoin-Roitfeld
Carine Roitfeld
Sarah Jessica Parker

This SJP photo is one of my favourite ones of the show, as well as the shot of Milla Jovovich in the skeletal dress - just look at that incredible styling by Carine Roitfeld.

Another perk of this incredible exhibition, is that you get a goodie bag to take home with you.
Stacked in the centre of the room in three triumphant piles are copies of the prints that you can take home. I managed to get a copy of each of the prints, and I cannot wait to recreate my own little Chanel gallery in my room. 

These posters are limited edition and only available from the exhibition so if you want to get your hands on one, get over there quick!

After the exhibition I popped over to the New Bond Street store. Sadly pictures weren't allowed in the store so here are a few snaps of the exterior, which is all dolled up to promote the exhibition, and features some of the new season's jackets. 

Karl Largerfeld has once outdone himself but putting the spotlight on another classic, The Little Black Jacket. 

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