Upstate New York

No plans for the weekend and temperatures of over 100 degrees in the city, what better to do than take a road trip to upstate New York.

2 hours later and we turned up at what I can only describe as HEAVEN. 3 acres of perfect greenery, 10 bedrooms, 4 floors, a lake, hot tub, outdoor grill, quad-bike, full sized basketball court, sauna... Trust me, the list is endless!

So after an amazing afternoon of relaxing in the sun, swimming in the lake, quad-biking and of course an extremely competitive game of ultimate frisbee (see above), dinner time soon approached and boy-oh-boy what a dinner it was! The grill was blazing and we had prepared a meal that was fit for kings; skirt steak, marinated chicken, lamb cutlets, corn glazed in blue cheese and butter (definitely feel this is a must for every BBQ), and salads galore.

Lets not forget the beverage list... (I should really just start by saying that these guys were seriously up for a party!) Magnum sized only, we had numerous bottles of Patrรณn, Grey Goose, Cristal... You name it - we had it!

The rest of the evening ended up all over the estate, from the hot-tub into the lake, from the sauna to the telescope and from the kitchen to the garden sofa's. Oh what a night!

New York City is such an amazing place,but the time flies way too fast. The days merge into weeks, weeks into months and I feel like the past 3 months have just passed with the blink of an eye. This is the complete opposite upstate, time moves incredibly slowly and although I was only there for a weekend it felt like weeks. And waking up to the sound of birds chirping in the trees rather than trucks honking by the Lincoln tunnel was beyond heavenly - a little reminder of home.

What a great weekend! 

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