4th July

My first ever 4th of July celebration, and what a good one it was!

I am lucky enough to live in Midtown right by the Hudson River which meant that we had a brilliant view of Macy’s 36th Annual 4th of July Fireworks.

Now, this day is a huge day in America as it marks the start of their independence all those many years ago, but is seems as though the celebration is just as important to them as the actual holiday itself. People flocked from all over New York State to line up by the river front to get the best view of the spectacular show.

A mix of friends, a reason to celebrate as well as some amazing fireworks, and before we knew it we had ourselves a roof party. 

Following the fireworks we decided to head on out. Where better to go for a 4th July celebration then to the fantastically debaucherous club, The Box. Stepping into the secluded entrance of the lower east side club makes you do a double take. The decor is like something out of a Horrible Histories book on the Victorian Era. An old ornately decorated theatre, where the stage is surrounded by private booths and sofa’s all with an eclectic and rather naughty edge. Not so much of a club and more of a theatre, we sipped on Moet whilst the first show started.

Now when they say ‘expect the unexpected’ they really do mean it!

We had a full array of performances from ‘The Monkey’ jumping through hoops which were set alight, two girls performing live porn where the sub ended up killing the dom (thank you 50 Shades for enlightening me on the correct terminology), a transvestite punk spitting and urinating off the stage, sky dancers, and even a magician and his glamourous assistant performing a quick change act.

Camera’s are banned inside the club, but I managed to get a few sneaky photos anyway....

The acts change every single night so you never quite know what you’re going to get. Despite the smell of formaldehyde and almost getting peed on I would say that it is certainly an item to be added onto the bucket list. (I recommend going on a Wednesday or Thursday as you are guaranteed a show on those nights)

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