Central Park

Manhattan is a city full of skyscrapers and grid-like streets with barely a tree or shrub in sight. However, as soon as you hit 59th Street you suddenly enter a beautiful oasis of green, with the smell of freshly cut grass seeping in through your nostrils. 

There is always so much to do in central park that all make you feel like your living in an episode of gossip Girl, but there were two activities on my 'to do' list which I had still left unticked;

1. Have a picnic in the park

2. Run round the entire circumference of the park

Of course one of these tasks is very simple. Who wouldn't want to sit on a tartan blanket, eat strawberries and sip on champagne whilst bathing in sunlight in one of the most iconic locations in America? However, the other task is one that I have continually kept on putting off, but unfortunately with no work, no more excuses and a beautiful blue sky above me, I just could not put it off any longer. 

So we set off. Whole foods bags in hand, to tick off two outstanding items on the New York bucket list.

Ever since reading Karen Swan's 'Christmas at Tiffany's' the "big run" has been something that I have always wanted to do (If you have not read this book, you really should! Ignore the fact that it has got 'Christmas' in the title - it is a perfect read for lying out on the sun-lounger on holiday in the sun!).

The route in red shows the killer 6.5 mile run that I managed to conquer despite the 90 degree heat outside. 

50 minutes later I got back to where I started and laid out (collapsed) for the whole rest of the afternoon whilst enjoying the glorious views of the great lawn and our even more glorious  (and well deserved) picnic.

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