Shake Shack

If you’ve ever thought that you have had the best burger you could possibly eat... think again! The burgers from New York’s Shake Shack are absolutely to die for! 

What better to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon, then to indulge in a little feast. (The fact that I’d already been earlier this week, well thats beside the point...). Despite almost always having to queue to even get into the restaurant to order, the reward of that all organic succulent angus beef burger is well worth the wait.

Lets not forget to mention the cheese fries. One might assume that these are just regular freezer bag, oven baked crinkle fries, but oh how wrong you would be. These fries are crispy, crunchy and salted to absolute perfection with the most addictive Shack cheddar cheese dipping sauce you could possibly imagine. Once you start eating them you are honestly not going to be able to stop! (They really should come with a health warning saying: ‘DON’T EVEN START IF YOU EVER WANT TO STOP')

But lets face it, they do really offer it all. Burgers (shroom burger for veggies too), Flat Top Dogs, Fries, Frozen Custard Shakes and even a couple of choices for your doggie, in a kitch, all-American style decor, what more could you possibly ask for?!

Whether visiting New York, Florida, Washington or Connecticut, Shake Shack is a must-go place for anything from a frozen custard shake to a full on feast.

PS. Get the Shack burger and cheese fries every time for guaranteed amazing meal.


  1. Georgia, thanks so much for being a loyal guest of Shake Shack. It always makes us happy to hear feedback like this.

    Our team can't wait to see you again soon at the Shack!

    -Brandy, Shake Shack

  2. Definitely going after this great review. Congratulations on enticing me ... Those pictures are too good


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