Lure Fish Bar

Soho is full of amazing restaurants all with well known chefs and big names such as Balthazar, Pastis, Cipriani, The Dutch (trust me the list is endless). However the majority of these restaurants are extremely pricey and not exactly the sort of place you can pop to for a light bite. But Lure over on the corner of Mercer & Spring Street has a happy hour, with an amazing menu which is perfect for a quick snack.  

Set in bow of a ship, the restaurant is designed to create a nautical atmosphere, portholes and foundation beams alike.  With an A-list clientele, Beyonce and Jay-Z amongst them, the allure of the experience has been tried, tested and adored.  Having a plate of oysters and the most amazing shrimp tempura I have ever tasted, I was well and truly satisfied.  A must-go place if you ever want a quick bite after a long shopping spree. 

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