Long Island

Having been in New York for almost 4 months now I have met a tonne of different people and made some really great friends. And although the city is an amazing place with an endless plethora of things to do, it is nice to escape once in a while (especially in the extreme humidity and scorching temperatures). 

I was invited to my friends house in Long Island earlier this week for a bit of sun sand and sea and after fighting our way out of the hustle and bustle of the city, we had a scenic car ride over to Jones Beach in Long Island, via the critically acclaimed (well by Rachel Ray) pizza place Gaby's Pizza. Which - I must agree with Rachel - was absolutely delicious, super saucy and cheesy at the same time without being too OTT.

The beach was beautiful. We all got there just before sunset and the view was truly mesmerising. I don't know what it is about the sea, but I can sit, and just watch the waves crash all day long.

Post beach, where better to go then to the sea front strip. We ventured over to Freeport, to eat at Otto's Sea Grill right on the waters edge. Clams, oysters, prawns and squid - we really did take advantage fresh local produce.

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