Momo Sushi Shack

Despite living in New York for well over 3 months now, I had never really ventured over into Brooklyn, however my friend invited me out of my manhattan bubble to go and experience a bit of hipster life over in Brooklyn's Bushwick Ave.

Turning up at what can only be described as a shack I wasnt too keen to go in. Impending food poising and the thoughts of having to spend the next few days in bed clutching onto a bucket were constantly running round my head. But with a strong recommendation from my friend, along with the fact that she would not stop explaining how lucky we were to be able to walk straight in with no wait on a Saturday evening, I reluctantly ventured in through the tented graffiti covered entrance into the Momo Sushi Shack

The interior however was not quite what I expected. Dimmed lighting with rows of bench like seating, the place had a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a highly attentive and equally as friendly team of waiters to match. 

The menu was an absolute delight to read. Japanese inspired tapas style dishes with twists and influences from many other cuisines across the globe, I had no idea what to choose from as I just wanted it all. With a bit of guidance from the highly knowledgable waiters along with very detailed descriptions of what some of the dishes were, we picked a variety from the menu.

In no time at all the dishes started to come out all with eating instructions from the waiters advising us on how the dish would taste best.

"this has to be eaten immediately"

"this should be mixed with a bit of this, and a lot of that"

And they really did know what they were talking about as the food was so mouthwateringly good you just wanted more and more.

Pre-mixed Soy Sauce & Wasabi - 3 strengths; just soy, medium heat, very hot
Tofu Salad - pressed tofu, avocado, pickled heirloom tomatoes, micro greens in a tomato & basil infused soy sauce 
Spicy Scallop Hand Roll
Soft Shell Shrimp Tempura Hand Roll

Pork Betty - heritage pork belly, sake, soy sauce, cilantro, wasabi cream & parsley

Party Bomb Platter - spicy mc bomb , mc low bomb, pink bomb, ikura bomb
Lemon Graham - lemon curd, chocolate covered graham cracker, cream & raspberry coulis

Ordering the only desert that Momo offer, the three of us wolfed it down in next to no time, only to be told...

"we recommend you lick the bowl"

So of course we obliged...(well, we didn't want to be rude)!

Momo sushi shack was an absolute find and despite the shabby exterior, what lies within is absolutely magical.

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