Black Smock

What I'm Wearing: Vintage Oversized Smock Dress, Zara Leather Shopper, Kurt Geiger Vera Boots & ASOS Keyhole Sunglasses.

Clearly in mourning today after the severe lack of sleep I managed to get last night, due to the sheer volumes of work I've got on and the ever nearing deadlines which seem to just constantly creep up on me without even realising. Thankfully my professor liked my work this morning so at least some I'm reaping some kind of reward. I wish I could have a week off just to rest, eat and lie in bed watching girlie movies, but I've just got to wait till Christmas break then I'm going to reclaim my spot on the sofa at home and just demand delicious snacks be brought to me on an hourly basis. A girl can dream. The leg o'mutton sleeve on this smocked dress reminds me of how the Tudors used to dress, with huge bouffant sleeves and gigantic pleated cuffs and ruffs to match. How fun it would be to dress like the Tudors, and eat like Henry VIII, well, just for a day? Anyway, enough dreaming. Back to work for me, the good old library is calling my name. Off to London tomorrow to go fabric shopping along Berwick Street, cannot wait!


  1. That bag ! It's so great and you can store everything in it, even when shopping !

    - Fashion Ramble

  2. Haa I know! Its hugeee! I love it x


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