Winter Whites

You may assume that white jeans are only for summer. Walking along the harbour in Lake Como or wandering around through the glorious food markets of Tuscany. Oh I wish I was in Italy right now. But that is just not the case. Dressed in all white makes me feel oh so Christmassy, like the first layer of fresh snowfall in the morning not that it snows in England till Spring or the dusting of icing sugar on top of homemade Christmas cake. Although I am such a lover of summer, with the sun, sea and of course a tan, winter is the time for snuggling up in big knitted jumpers and drinking hot coco in front of the fire. This scarf is so soft and warm and knitted by none other than Emma's lovely mummy, (I'll be putting on of those on my Christmas list, thank you) and I just love the placement of the gathers on this top, just makes me want to twirl, spin and play in the leaves all day.


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