Emergency Compliment

Work getting you down, Christmas shopping all getting a bit too much, or just suffering from Monday blues, well I have found just the thing to properly sort out these seasonal woes. Emergency compliment is the highly addictive go to website for that little pick-me-up and remind you that you truly are amazing! And if one complement wasn't enough, it will continue to throw great comments your way until your back on your A-game. 

I have picked out a couple of my favourites that put that smile back on its rightful place. But lets face it, pretty much all of them made me giggle a little.

Even better news! If you really love the complement that hits the spot, you can order it in your very own print, from Society6, simply by pressing the "Thanks! I feel better" icon at the bottom of the complement. Or if you are already feeling pretty on top of the world, you can submit your own complements to share this wonderful feeling.

Lets face it, this website should only be used in extreme emergencies, as we can't really deal with tonnes of big headed people now can we?

Anyway, be sure to check it out for that little pick me up, and let me know which are your favourite! 


  1. Oh my gosh, this is perfect. After the day I've had, this is lovely!

  2. hahaa love them!:D
    followed .. great blog!


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