Get Your Christmas Jumper Freak On

It would be an understatement to say it is bitterly cold outside. With about 1000 layers on and looking rather like a yeti I am still freeeeezing - I do not know how the Eskimo's do it! In an attempt to warm up and getting even more into the festive spirit I have compiled a list of my favourite Christmas jumpers available both on an off the high-street. 

First and foremost, ask grandma to knit you one - that is if your grandma fits into the stereotype of the cute little knitting old lady full of wise old tales who repeats herself every now and then. However if your grandma does not fit into this category then there is always option 2 - buy your own! Sadly this wont mean that you have a one of a kind unique Christmas jumper hand knitted out of the kindness of your grandmothers's heart, but if she isn't the greatest of knitter's maybe thats a good thing?

I have always looked in vintage stores for similar grandma specials and I managed to pick up this beauty last year (below) from Birmingham's vintage emporium 'Cow' who had rails and rails of all sorts of festive-wear. If you are in the area, be sure to check it out (click here).

Next best thing to vintage store finds is ebay. Cute and 'vintage-esque' sweaters with embarrassingly sweet motifs on the front, they are just too hard to resist. Ebay seller 'VintageUnit' has hit the nail on the head with these festive numbers coming in over 20 different colour and design combinations there is bound to be one to delight you inner Christmas child. And coming in a mere £20 - what a bargain (click here to get yours)!

For your inner Santa, this designer number from Lot78 is on the top of all fashionistia's wish list, not only perfect for the party season but the Ho! Ho! Ho! intarsia design is a winner especially snuggled in front of the fire. £220 from Net-A-Porter (click here).

Now if you're feeling pretty generous this Christmas, splash out on this sparkly number from Meadham Kirchhoff and you'd look as pretty as the angel on the top of your tree. At £945 from Net-A-Porter (click here) I think it's going on my 'wish and never actually be able to ever afford list'.

For all you Scrooge's out there, who are anti all things cheery and bright, this sweater from Zoe Karssen is the must have sweater. £95 from Net-A-Porter, you can share your 'Bah Humbug' feelings with all those that catch a glimpse of cute pop print slogan (click here).

If you like keeping thing simple amongst the glitter and sparkles, this snowflake sequin jumper from Next is perfect and is subtle enough to keep wearing long after the Christmas festivities. £32 from Next (click here).

If waiting under the mistletoe to be kissed is your plan this Christmas, this cute holly jumper will certain fit the bill. £50 from Topshop in a gorgeous angora blend you will be a walking snuggle magnet (click here)

If you're just way too cool to wear any form of fairisle or polar bear motif, then this all over crystal jumper is just the thing. Looking like you fill the 'Christmas' jumper criteria over the festive period, but just rocking some serious jumper bling the rest of the year, this is the perfect jumper to carry you from season to season. £50 from Topshop (click here).

For your inner toff and if you love to steal your boyfriends jumpers then this cream fairsile knit from Aubin & Wills is for you. Being a men's jumper naturally makes it oversized and perfect with some cable knit leggings. Already in the pre-Christmas sale for £119 (click here) it is hard to resist (maybe buy it for him and secretly keep it for yourself!? - he doesn't need to know).

Lastly from my newly discovered favourite online store in the whole wide world, Nasty Gal, this gorgeous oversized knit sweater is on the top of my Christmas list. I never often wear red but 'Hey! It's Christmas' and I can't wait to throw this amazing jumper on, on Christmas day and see what Santa has put under the tree for me! £70.54 from Nasty Gal (click here).

Which are going on your Christmas list this year?


  1. Sweet designs! I want a Jack Frost design haha. :)
    Post more pics of yours Georgia :)

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    1. Haa that would be so cute!
      Ohh il be sure to check it out thanks!

  2. Nice selection :) I like the last one ^^


  3. I adore Christmas sweaters so much. They are adorable! I love all of these!

  4. all so sweet!

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    All of the jumpers are beautiful :DD
    By the way I don't have many jumpers cause my country is just too hot..haha


  6. Love a cozy christmas knit! :)

    xoxo, Tiffany

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  8. Hi ! What a nice collection of sweaters! I love the Nastygal-sweater the most:)
    You're a beautiful girl :)

    Maybe we can follow each other ?
    Lots of love,Charlotte

    1. Would love to. I just commented on your blog. Following you now xx

  9. Love these sweater!!!

  10. beautiful jumpers dear!

  11. OMG I love Christmas sweaters! they are so cute and can be so chic! Very cool post .

    Xo Amy,
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    1. Yes would love to! Im #56 on bloglovin now sweet. Would love you to do the same x

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  13. the link for onesie you sent me is awesome! im actually hoping to get one but a pikachu design ;D
    i love the christmas jumpres on your blog... too cute!

  14. They are super funny and sweet!
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  15. Thanks for your comment! Of course we can stay in touch!
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  16. I love those fun sweaters, I am gonna get one for myself soon :) lovely post !

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