Orange Wednesdays Pizza Express

Finally just about over my jet lag and first day back at work, so what better way to spend the evening then with my girls. Usually a weekly affair, we ended up at our normal Pizza Express to feast on an obscene amount of dough balls, pizza, pasta and of course garlic butter - basically enough carbs to fill our daily allowance 10 times over.

The best thing about Pizza Express on Wednesday's, is that it's Orange Wednesday's, so everything is half price! Buy one portion of dough balls, get the next one free, buy a romana pizza, get the next one free... you get the idea. So despite only 7 of us eating, we ordered for 8 (why not) and ate and ate and ate till we were almost bursting at the seams.

 (How it works: If you're on Orange just text FILM to 241 and let the magic work. As simple as that.)

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