The Scotsbridge Mill

Whether its a casual drink or full scale dinner, The Scotsbridge Mill is one of my absolute favourite places to go. 

Backing onto Scotsbridge hill and with its very own water mill running through the restaurant, the picturesque pub is a perfect place to eat drunk and be merry. Sitting outside to enjoy the rare warm summers evening, we drank imms, scoffed sharer platters, and finished off the evening with a party game or two. 

The ever changing menu is absolutely fabulous, with the menu adapting to the different seasons using only the freshest produce to make pub classics as well as dishes with a Mediterranean influences.

Pan Amb Oli

Garlic Pizzette

Roasted garlic bulb: One of my absolute favourite parts of the sharer platters. I am already a huge fan of garlic, but the chef's at the Scotsbridge just transform it into a little clove of heaven. Roasted to absolute perfection, the individual pieces of garlic are brilliant dipped into olive oil or just eaten whole (all without the super strong taste, which would normally leave you able to fight of hoards of vampires). 

Crispy Duck Salad

Black Pearl Scallops

Fish Pie

Calves Liver

Classic Cheese Burger (with everything!)

White Chocolate Brûlée
Sticky Toffee Pudding

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