Cirque du Soir

Last night we went to London's Cirque du Soir.

A night of circus freaks, face painting and fun-fair nibbles awaited, and who doesn't love the circus?!

With sister clubs in Miami, Geneva, Dubai, and the Cannes Film Festival the nightclub makes you feel as if you are in a live circus. From the ringleader welcoming you at the door, to the Cirque du Soir clowns interacting with you on the main floor. Lets also not forget to mention the 7ft teddy bears and the positively terrifying giant baby wondering around.

We had an absolute ball of a night, and yes of course we all got our face painted. 

Whilst munching on popcorn and sipping on Grey Goose cocktails we partied the night away till we could not party any longer. A perfect way to celebrate one of my closest friend's birthdays!

Happy Birthday Crawford!


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