The Met Steps

What I'm Wearing: SUPERCALAFASHIONISTIC Beanie, Zara Sweater & Shorts, Topshop Booties & Celine Bag.

Today I made the bold decision of coming up with some new years resolutions. Yes, I probably know its a little late to start thinking about it now, but better late than never no? Yes I'm joining the gym, getting fit the standard start to any new year really, but I wanted to put in at least a little more effort this time around. 

Many of my friends are addicted to  something, whether it be sweets, chocolate, Pringles or Diet Coke, but I don't have than one food that I can't get enough of and I tend to eat pretty healthily anyway. 

So sitting down for lunch today it hit me. 

Online shopping.

I am totally obsessed with it. And I can never get enough. Plus it never feels like I'm actually spending money. And when that parcel arrives at your door the rush of endorphins that come with that new item are just incredible.
So after much deliberation and a bout of extreme nausea I have decide to stop shopping online for a whole year. 
365 days. 8766 hours. 525949 minutes. Gosh, I'm shaking just thinking about it. 

It's not so say that presents aren't extremely welcome. In fact this year they are more welcome than ever! 

Wish me luck, I'm seriously going to need it!

xoxo G


  1. gorgeous outfit!

    love your shorts

    i'm obsessed with online shopping too


  2. Going shopping is a much better experience and you won´t need that much. Try differents shops not only big ones also try the small shop where you find a nice person behind the counter and you will see it´s a more personal and fun experience

  3. Great look! I love your shoes - great choice for this outfit. I love what you did with your hair too, the hats so cool. You look gorgeous!


  4. amazing outfit, love those shorts! happy new year<3
    I wish you luck with not-to-shop online for a year, it's quite hard project!

    Emma xx


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