Little Prince

This past week I was lucky enough have my lovely mummy visit from London. I'm not the type to get homesick, with FaceTime, Skype, e-Mail, it makes any long distance relationship just so easy and effortless. However, I do have to say that getting to hug my tinny 5ft nothing mummy was amazing. I don't think I realised how missed a good cuddle from my mummy. 
Anyway enough of that. 
With mummy in town what better to do than visit as many restaurants as possible, breakfast, brunch, coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks. 
It's safe to say that no eating opportunity was missed. 

First stop, Soho for a little shop and a quick bite at Little Prince
Now having had 'The Little Prince' read to me as a child (by my mummy no less) I thought this was the perfect place to go. 
And even better. They are famous for their french onion soup burger. 
Yes I know. How unreal does that sound. 
I'll have you know that it seriously lives up to its name also. 
Gosh I would kill for one right now.

Stepping into the cosy bistro, I was recognised instantly by the waiter who served me in my last visit and bought over a bottle of sparkling water and lemon slices completely unpromted. The English service industry has soooo much to learn. 

Only wanting a quick bite we opted for the Butternut Squash soup and of course their infamous burger.

Flavoursome and delicious. The perfect winter warmer for the cold cold winds of New York.

Next. This handsome little chap arrived to the envy of our neighbouring table. Who ordered their own burger almost instantly.

Just look at it.
Melted emmental and gooey caramelised onions on top of a perfectly cooked and succulent beef patty.

Despite it being a pretty substantial burger, I think I blinked and it was gone. Just so good. No talking, just eating.

Fingers licked and the bill was presented to us in none other thank a cute little book, adding to the ever so cute charm of the darling restaurant.
Already looking forward to a return visit, a big recommendation in my book.


  1. oh wow it looks so yum!


  2. yummyyyyy! look perfect to me!




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