Brooklyn Bridge

Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is touristy yes, but one of the must do activities if you're ever in the city. Looking at all the glorious views of Manhattan's iconic skyline just takes your breath away. Well perhaps it was the sub-zero temperatures, but who can tell. Despite the cold, I threw off my fabulous Yeti coat from ASOS to take a few snaps on the bridge, to the surprise of the bundled up tourists who looked at me with a puzzled look of utter madness. But all in the name of fashion right? 

I recently discovered a rather special little watering hole in the city by the name of The Daily, which is partner of New York's infamous Public restaurant. Complete with an old fashioned movie style cocktail menu and packed with bizarre and wonderful framed quotes all over the walls. One that particularly caught my eye is one that I feel we all should always have in mind when we're having those less than perfect days.

"Today we were unlucky. But remember we only have to be lucky once"

Damn right!


  1. I actually live near there, I love Brooklyn bridge :)

  2. beautiful photos!

    love your jumper


  3. great photos! love the top! lovely post :)

    hope you can visit my blog sometime soon.
    keep in touch!


  4. Love this sweater - the leopard sleeves are such a great touch and that hat is perfection! Beautiful photos! Lots of personality :) Have a lovely start to your week!


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