What I'm Wearing: Artizia Silk Cap, Missguided Swing Vest, Zara Wool Coat, Vintage Levi's & Gap Leopard Sneakers

The Highline is one of my absolute favourite spots in the city. A small tranquil route, elevated one story above the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Only New York would use an old historical freight rail line and transform it into the cutest of public parks. Hopping on right by my apartment and wondering all the way down to Chelsea market, its like a breath of fresh air. Artwork, sculptures, greenery and flowers line the track - which are all pretty sparse in the city. A recommended visit for all those visiting New York, grab a coffee and wonder on down for the perfect getaway without actually getting away at all.


  1. ohh gosh so cool photos!

    Emma xx

  2. Just came back from NYC yesterday. Love this spot, too!

  3. Fabulous outfit! You look fantastic and I’m totally loving your sharp top paired with these fun sneakers. Very classy and stylish!

  4. Love the ripped jeans with the leopard slip ons. Looks designer!

    Faye x


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